OnlyFans Clone: Know How to Dominate the Content Subscription Platform

Premium content is the biggest trend right now and OnlyFans are only at the forefront. The London-based start-up has raised $390 million from November 2019 to November 2020. In addition, the British content subscription site has more than 120 million active users daily.

Setting up a platform like OnlyFans is a quick way for businesses to dominate the digital media business. They can approach a specialized application development company to successfully achieve their business goals.

What are the different earnings from owning an OnlyFans clone platform?

· The 80:20 business model is the only secret to the huge success of the OnlyFans. Content creators, models, and publishers retain 80% of their total revenue. The remaining 20 were taken through the online platform.

· This portion of the proceeds is used for various expenses such as legal compliance, content management system (CMS) maintenance, commission payments for artist nominations, and processing of payments.

· In addition, technicians can earn revenue by depositing and returning fees, publishing targeted ads, and selling branded products.

· They can adjust the percentage of commission at any time based on business needs and market conditions.


After all, between November 2019 and 2020, fans alone earned $74 million in pre-tax profits.

OnlyFans clone platform will continue to grow in the future. It will focus on complying with various laws, making timely payments to artists and celebrities, and protecting their privacy and security.

Therefore, only the first class of entrepreneurs can get rewards by getting the OnlyFans Clone. They will soon see an increase in customer number, revenue, and traffic.


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