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On our recent trip to the big island of Hawaii, we were able to enjoy the plentiful fruits of the island that were literally ripe for the picking—or in many cases already dropped from the trees! We enjoyed bananas, papaya, oranges, lemons, and passion fruit. But the biggest surprise were the avocados. Not just any avocados, but Sharwil avocados.

We had not heard of them before, but their flavor was deliciously rich and buttery. Better than what we can buy in the supermarket at home.

Sharwil avocados are medium-sized, with a narrow pear shape. They weigh between 8 and 20 oz. They have rough green skin, which stays green and does not turn black as it ripens. Their smooth, creamy flesh houses one of the smallest seeds of any avocado, which means there’s an ample amount of flesh inside each fruit. It also has a high oil content that gives it its deliciously rich, nutty flavor.

Sharwil avocado trees are smaller than other cultivars, but they are consistent bearers, offering a long and heavy yielding season. Avocado fruit matures but does not ripen on the tree, so farmers can essentially store the fruit on the tree and control the yield of their harvest. As the Sharwil avocados mature, natural oils and fats accrue, hence avocados harvested toward the beginning of the season will be firmer, with a texture comparable to cool butter, and harvests further into the season will yield creamier and creamier fruit.

We found numerous Sharwil avocados on the ground as we took our daily morning walks around the area of the Ro Jo coffee farm where we stayed. Each meal at home included a plate of chopped fruit, including the avocados. Meal times were wonderful due to all the fresh fruit so readily available.


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