Mazatlán Norovirus Lawyer Update: 13 Norovirus-like Cases Linked to Mexican Restaurant in Auburn WA

The outbreak was announced on June 9, 2021, after 13 cases of people becoming ill were reported to the public health departments. According to health department officials, the 13 people ate at the restaurant Mazatlán located at 110 Cross Street SE, Auburn, WA 98002, on May 21 before becoming ill.

Investigators were sent to the Mexican restaurant a few days after the cases were reported but they were unable to find any factors that could have contributed to the spread of norovirus.

Norovirus is highly contagious and normally spreads person-to-person, often through food. People who contract norovirus experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea with cramps, low-grade fevers, chills, and body aches. 

For more information on the Mazatlán Norovirus Outbreak, to speak to a Norovirus Lawyer, or to inquire about a Norovirus Lawsuit, call 1-888-335-4901. 


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