Best Practices for Mobile First Indexing

Google is most surfing site as a search engine both in desktop and mobile version. There has been considerable up gradation in the best practice documentation for mobile first indexing. With significant amount of additional information Google has updated its best practice documentation on mobile-first indexing.

Why Updation?

Google has planned in such a way that it provides the system for the site owners to give the best experiences to end users on any platform whether it is mobile or desktop access. For further information about an SEO expert company, visit this website.

Some of the best practices and recommendation are related to:

Information added: It is about the facts for the site owners which should be same on both the mobile and desktop version. It includes-

  • They must have same data structure
  • For both mobile and desktop same Meta tags shall be used.
  • The heading must be similar.
  • The content shall be similar.

Separate M-Dots URLs

  • Fragmented version shall not be there in the mobile version.
  • On both desktop and mobile version the status should be same. If a page in desktop shows normal contents but the mobile site version shows error, this can be missed from indexing.
  • The desktop version that serves various contents shall have same mobile versions too.

Images and videos

  • Supported format of image should be used.
  • Image should be of high quality.
  • Small or low resolution image should not there in mobile version.
  • Video shall be kept in such place where it can be found easily.
  • Both on mobile and desktop site, same descriptive titles, captions and filenames shall be used for images and videos.
  • Avoid using URLs that frequently changes the page loads for images and videos.

Trouble shooting

There can be common errors that can stop site from enabling for mobile-first indexing and which need to be resolved like –

  • Missing structured data
  • Missing image,
  • Missing page title and no index tag on pages.

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