Buy Various Machines for Mobile Car Wash | Tips and Suggestions!

Starting a Mobile Car Wash Bristol and details business requires versatile and efficient equipment. For effective cleaning, many experienced professionals recommend using multiple cleaning machines. Ideally, a soft surface carpet and soft cloth cleaner should be used to clean the inside of the vehicle, and a hard surface pressure washer should be used to clean the outside of the vehicle.

An Overview of Mobile Car Wash Systems

Before learning the types of cleaning machines available for work, it is best to understand the task. What does the mobile car wash process want to achieve? The main goals are very clear. Accumulated dirt and dust in the car should be cleaned. Exterior and interior surfaces should be beautiful and as fresh as possible.

In addition to these specific goals, there are other goals. Interior linings and carpets can be deeply clogged with food stains, spills, and other debris. It can be difficult to remove such a stubborn change. To achieve these goals, the worker will need to use one or sometimes two types of cleaning machines. This article gives you some useful tips on choosing different types of machines for washing portable cars.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are a means of cleaning soft surfaces. They offer only moderate outlet pressure combined with water injection and coarse extraction to remove deep-seated residues. They are good for cleaning the interior surfaces of cars such as carpets, rugs, and upholstery for cars.

Regular carpet cleaners only offer a cold water outlet. However, heated carpet cleaners are best suited for car parts. These machines have a heating element that can raise the outlet temperature to 210 ° F for maximum cleaning power. It is best to use carpet cleaners equipped with low flow technology for automatic detailing. These machines allow surfaces to dry quickly, often within two hours per hour for coating.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are hard surface cleaners that provide high-temperature output. Nevertheless, portable steam cleaners are used as car wash equipment, especially for carpet cleaning, steering wheel, panel cleaning, and window cleaning. It is better to buy portable steam cleaners with an outlet temperature of up to 386 ° F for cleaning vehicles. Care should be taken to avoid over-exposure at the outlet. Excessive exposure during steam washing can damage surfaces.

In addition, dry steam cleaners have low humidity, which requires constant wiping during the cleaning process. This can damage the exterior of the vehicle, so the steam cleaner should never be used during the steam washing process of the exterior of the vehicle.

High-Pressure Cleaners

Pressure washers are ideal car washers for cleaning hard exterior parts of vehicles. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the outlet pressure level should not exceed 1500 psi. Similarly, the flow rate should also be low - preferably less than 2 GPM.

This ensures limited use and wastewater, while the use of high steam temperatures provides high cleaning power. These systems are ideal for cleaning in low water conditions. This is often the case in mobile car retailers where operators travel to their customers ’homes and offices to clean vehicles.


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