Preparation tips for Group discussion

The challenge of getting admitted to your dream MBA college doesn’t end with clearing that strenuous entrance exam. Because now comes the time of yet another demanding situation- The time for Group Discussion.

Getting through any Group Discussion is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Every word you utter and fact you claim, is being judged.

 So here are 10 tips to get through your Group Discussion:

1.      Have Excellent Communication Skills

If there are amateurish communicators in the panel, any Group Discussion can turn into an irksome fish market. It’s important that you don’t speak out of turn, and speak sense. Clearly express your thoughts through simple and understandable language, using minimum but reasonable words. A good communicator also needs to be a good listener.

2.      Understand the Importance of Team Work

Something that was not evaluated in your CMAT exam, was your team work. Hence, a Group Discussion takes up the analysis. To make a mark in the GD, you don’t have to shout or dominate the other members. In fact, it is actually an opportunity for you to showcase your managerial skills, and drive the discussion healthily, along with your team.

3.      Assessment

It’s important to well understand and assess the topic before starting to blabber. Think about your Group Discussion topic, plan your content, and make a point.

4.      Awareness

As they say, ‘Knowledge is Power’. The panelists at a Group Discussion, are judging you on the street-smart factor. You must be aware of the general happenings in your vicinity, including topics like, sports, politics, finance, media, etc.

5.      Self-Assurance

The best thing you can wear at the Group Discussion is loads of confidence. Keeping your spirit up, you should ooze out confidence and smartness. When it comes to soft skills, this quality does half the work for you.

6.      Present Your Leadership Skills

You should take every hurdle as an opportunity. Likewise, using this Group Discussion to let the panel know how well you can carry the whole team in a positively affluent direction, would be a good idea.

7.      The Art of Influencing

You should be able to make other candidates believe in your line of thought, to drive the discussion in your direction. This will help you to get highlighted.

8.       Etiquettes 

You should understand the moral norms to sit in a Group Discussion. You should let others speak their point without interruption, and bring justice to a civilized people’s discussion.

9.      Feedback

You must have a knack to be able to counter the other candidate in case of disagreement, while staying well in boundaries. Remembering to make it a healthy argument and not a quarrel, won’t do any harm.

10.  Validation

You should be able to validate all your points made, through concrete examples, and clear facts and figures.


So, these were the top 10 tips to crack a Group Discussion.

Hope they help. Good luck!



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