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The Filipinos are friendly individuals who love to party, and the food is always one of the most important foods of their numerous festivals. Filipino food consolidates Eastern and Western thoughts and is firmly impacted by Chinese, Spanish and American practices. While it opposes any particular portrayal, Filipino food is some of the time recognized by the manner in which it wires Asian and European fixings. Choose Romulo Cafe for filipino food online order & enjoy your favorite food. For instance, in the vigorous and mainstream Pork Menudo dish, a few plans make them mix pureed tomatoes with soy sauce, while others make them consolidate cheese and straight leaf with soy sauce.


In a real sense signifying "blend" the name halo-halo is a beautiful well-suited portrayal for this customary Filipino dessert that incorporates each sweet treat the restaurant has in their refrigerator and cooler. 

The principal elements of halo-halo are shaved ice, ice cream, and consolidated milk. It could likewise incorporate organic products like lychee or mango, improved red beans, jams, coconut strings, and just to give some examples.


There is no Filipino social occasion, huge or little, where food doesn't play a featuring job. Regardless of whether it is held in high street kensington bars or at home, the host ensures that the visitors are energetically invited, all around engaged and liberally presented with deliberately chosen dishes to suit the event. Visitors are dealt with like family when they go to our homes. This is the reason Filipinos are known for their friendliness.


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Romulo Cafe is one of the best restaurants in west kensington London, delivers all types of food including soups, appetizers, sea food, salad, chicken, beef, pork, noodle rice, beverages & deserts. We deliver online food to Quezon City, Makati, Alabang, and London. We provide delicious recipes that are cooked by our professional chefs. Choose us and find tasty and different varieties of food from us at your doorstep. 



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