The Benefits of Property Visualisation and Virtual Tour Software

In 2020, the needs of prospective home-owners and estate agents are much different. With many countries restricting movement in light of COVID, there has never been a better time to adopt online and virtual tour facilities to make sure that your clients are safe and happy.

Whether you’re in the planning or selling stage, property visualisation is a useful tool to keep your projects flowing smoothly, as well as a convenient way of providing confidence to investors and clients.

Illustrate Ideas

Using 3D modelling software for homes means that you can better display designs to prospective buyers and project investors. With Revvis’ advanced features, you can accurately map both the exterior and interior of any building before laying down a single brick, and make accurate measurements with the software’s precise distance tool.

Not only is Revvis capable of robust architectural design, but our software also includes versatile decor simulation, with assets pulled from actual store products. Thanks to this, designers can experiment with fixtures and fittings in-software before installing them in-person.

Revvis is also a powerful collaborative tool between different members of the construction team. Designers and architects can easily submit changes to one another through Reviss’ simple GUI, making the planning stage convenient and organized for all parties.

An Affordable, Accessible Alternative

Clients come from all walks of life. Sometimes a visit isn’t possible, whether it's due to schedule conflicts or inaccessibility. Revvis changes that, and allows anyone, anywhere, to explore your building at any stage of construction. 

Those with disabilities or mobility difficulties can also experience a building in its fullest form, with every single nook and cranny of a build mapped out in beautiful detail.

Rather than affect your budget and building schedule accommodating for visit days, why not save money through the affordable Revvis package? Simply send a virtual simulation pack to your client for a safe, simple and convenient visit from the comfort of their own home.

Dynamic Simulation

Rather than present a series of static mockups, why not impress clients with a fully-interactive and fully-realised simulated building? Experience the shape, feeling and atmosphere of a building at a pace that suits you. 

Experience the building at all angles. Take a stroll through the property with the customizable first-person view, or roam the building freely, taking in the atmosphere at each and every possible vantage point.

Endless Experimentation

One of the most exciting parts of Revvis is its compatibility with plugins and extensions. Creating fertile ground for potentially endless amounts of customization, Revvis supports plugins to change simulation time of day, browse product catalogues, as well as plan electrical fixtures.

Designer tools also provide for extensive experimentation, and creatives and interior designers can use a range of Reviss tools to bring their visions to life. Swap out flooring options, as well as colours of paint in just a simple click

Revvis is the future of property visualisation. No matter what the building may be, streamline your next project with Revvis.



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