Choosing the Right Name for your Singapore Company

Choosing the right Business name

There is great value in choosing a ‘good’ name for your company. Without a good name, you will not be able to bank on the value of your company’s branding efforts and the resulting goodwill arising out of years of business. If longevity and a long-term vision is something you place great importance on, you would want to carefully research all these aspects of name-choosing before you make a decision.


1. Choose a name that is easy to remember

While it seems to be intuitively important to be creative and to stand out, it won’t be worth it if nobody remembers your company name, or if it’s hard to spell, or too long to remember correctly.

This is especially so if people are searching for your company on the internet— if they keep running into dead links or to other companies’ websites, they will get frustrated and will give up on wanting to find out more about your company. Consequently, you will lose traffic and/or business.

2. Choose a name whose domain(s) is available and savoury


The world is becoming more and more globalised, and technology has made the international arena much smaller. Sometimes, after you’ve found a great name, you might find that a domain name for that particular name has been taken by another entity somewhere else in the world. Worse still, if that other company and/or website is involved in things that are in complete contrast to yours or if it is related to unsavoury things like extremist websites, pornography, politically incorrect statements, scams etc.

Therefore, it is prudent to do your due diligence by researching not only locally in Singapore but also for international websites or companies whose existence may thwart the use of your chosen company name.

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