The End of the Askima Wars

The Tales of Zhang Guo Xin

In the palace of the Yuan, soldiers walked around the walls. The Chen had conquered all of their cities but the Yuan were now stronger than ever. The emperor had learned the secret of magic but didn’t dare share it with anyone.

In the Chen camp, Zhang Guo Xin paced up and down among his soldiers. They needed to make a plan to attack the capital. They had written one down on paper.


A man walked over. His name was Sao Se Long. He carried a snake spear with him. He asked, “General, why are you staring at the plan with an unconvinced face? Do you doubt the Emperor?”

Zhang Guo Xin replied, “I trust our Emperor, but Chen Kai Tai’s ideas may falter.”

What objection do you have?”

Objection? Ihave no objection towards the Emperor because his word is law, isn’t it?”

Then why are you contradicting the plan?”

This is not contradiction, this is doubt. A usual doubt in war.”

I also bring news. Shanshou has three thousand men waiting for us in the Hangshen pass. We need to get through there to get to Hangshen. The Dragon and Snake forces are ready.”

Prepare the whole army. Send soldiers on reconnaissance to scout their use of the pass. Allow 4 days.”

Yes, sir.”

Sao Se Long left and went into his camp. He was general of the Snake and Dragon legions, the highest and greatest soldiers besides the imperial troops. He had a meeting with the Akanto king in 1 hour.

On meeting with the Akanto king, Sao Se Long explained that the king should follow and order Emperor Chen Kai Tai commanded. But the Akanto king was not listening…

The Akanto king rode of with his troops on a supposedly reconnaissance mission but actually feeding information to the Yuen. They had pleaded for help and the Akanto planned to destroy Hangshen and kill the Yuen Emperor, then become the prime rulers of Askima. The Yuen emperor was glad to see them. But he had a plan up his own sleeve. He would dispose of the Akanto and take everything for himself. Sao Se Long sensed this using his dragon sensitivity and the magical learning he had overheard while Chen Kai Tai teaching Zhang Guo Xin. He grabbed his snake spear and set off with 4,000 men towards the Hangshen pass, and the betrayer.

Sao Se Long’s soldiers were winning. Sao Se Long was looking for the man with treachery on his shoulders and found him, not even fighting. Sao Se Long sprinted down to meet him. He sent a dragonball at the Akanto king. The Akanto king dodged and sent back and arrow. He then drew a sword. They dueled until the Akanto king blocked a snake spear strike but got hit from a fireball. He fell, screaming. Sao Se Long’s soldiers had won the battle. Now it was time to take down the Yuen emperor. When he reached camp, however, soldiers ran over to him to tell him Zhang Guo Xin had been killed in a vicious attack. The emperor was badly wounded, and now as commander-in-chief, he was now general of the entire imperial, dragon, and snake armies, making him more powerful than Zhang Guo Xin. Then he went to see the emperor.

The emperor was gravely ill, and when saw Sao Se Long beckoned him over. Chen Kai Tai whispered, “I make you emperor in my place, for I am leaving. Become the sole ruler of Askima and take this,” he presented a diamond snake spear with a jade hilt right from the shop, “and this.” he showed diamond armor and a jade helmet at his side. Sao Se Long gratefully took the armor and weapon and said, “Good bye, Ven Hu Seng.”

Sao Se Long took charge and made preparations to assault the Yuen capital. They rode on, through the Hangshen pass and onwards toward the capital. When the Yuen sentries saw them coming they shouted and beat war drums. Gongs rang and fires were lit. Soldiers ran out to defend the city against the inevitable battle between them and Sao Se Long. Archers stood poised to shoot at anyone within range. Sao Se Long and his men charged. Someone shouted “Fire” and more than 2,000 arrows went flying but all missing their targets. By the time the archers reloaded, there were already 2 holes in the wall and the men below were fighting. After twelve hours it was cleared that ‘Sao Wei Saulong’s’ men were winning. The Yuen soldiers retreated back through the gates. Cannon and artillery blasts rang out from both sides and finally the Chen soldiers entered Hangshen. The Yuen emperor was fighting Sao Wei Saulong and Tongelong, the Yuen warlord, was dead. In one powerful sweep of his snake spear, Sao Wei Saulong sliced into Hung Yong’s side. No one took notice of the kill. Sao Wei Saulong ran up and rang a gong and everyone was silenced. The Yuen took notice of their dead emperor’s body and bowed respectfully. Then they turned to Sao Wei Saulong and everyone shouted, “The High Emperor of Askima has come!” and then bowed. The wars of Askima were over.    




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