Branding in the age of social media

We all love brands be it a makeup brand, clothing brand or food brand. We come across brands in our day to day life. A brand is the identification of a product. And it's in any form it's anywhere you can see and speak about it or even have a fondness about it. It can be in the aspect of name, logo, design & shape. It's easier for a brand to understand and get recognised easily when one knows the brand's name, symbol, size & etc. 

Without a brands logo, name, colour or shape one cannot understand if the brand is really to understand or not. All of these features play an important role when it comes to brand. 


For example: For example apple phone today when you're an apple phone user and then you know you come across something and then the phone stops working so you decide to buy a new phone but would it be another brand this time or the same one? Because if a person sticks to that particular brand which gives them more of creativity & imaginative mood wouldn't think of changing the brand. So eventually they do not. 


There are many other examples as well which are been seen and heard daily, for example, Colgate, Pepsi, Dettol soap etc 


Brand Name plays the most vital role while branding. If a brand has a powerful name and characteristics, the brand reaches out to the target audience easily. 

Such as Oreo Biscuits are been easily targeted to the kids & the parents or elders because of their Packing & the delicious chocolate & strawberry cream inside which makes the kids more exciting. So that's how the brand name & its characteristics work.


Here are some ways you can leverage social media.


Here it is - 


            1.        Make your website or profile pleasing 


Try to make your brands website or profile very trendy, research & check out what's been going on around, what trend is on the top now and make your brand profile or website accordingly. Like if it's the trend for the aesthetic you can put some aesthetic details to your website or add some glitch effects.  Whenever you create a post relate to the trending news and post it out with effective captions. 


            2.        Use of hashtags 


Many of us skip the idea of hashtags as you know hashtags are an important tool to communicate with its proper target audiences very easily. For example, if you are a restaurant you can use websites like #foodislife #foodismybestie this will help you reach prospective audiences. Hashtags would also give your brand more visibility. 


            3.        Be regular with your brand image 


Put out your brand image very clear out there, a consumer shouldn't mismatch your brand it should be consistent across all the online platforms. For example, if you choose colours like blue & white for Instagram so when you choose a theme colour for Facebook go with the same colour blue & white do not change it to another as the brand image would be consistent all over. 


            4. Connect with your customers 


Always connect with your customers about your upcoming project, design and brand as they may help to give you a review. Many times a lot of brands fail to read the comments or reviews as they fail to understand. But communication should be a two-way process, try to communicate with your target audience to help yourself & they understand the brand importantly. 


5. Be regular 


When you post online, only posting once or twice in a week won't affect anything to your business. You wouldn't come across any results or see changes. A Lot of times this happens as well that most of the customers forget about the brands because its less visibility. And if your brand needs to be remembered all the time, try to connect & post 3-4 times a week, try to engage with the customers. 




Hence, here are the main ways where your brand can be focused online easily, you may start implementing them or maybe try to get in touch with Public Media Solution, Pune for Press release distributions,  which would solve your one problem by giving 10 solutions to it. You'll see positive results in your brand visibility & lead generation. 



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