How can a neurologist help you?

Neurology is the study of the nerves, making a neurologist a doctor who checks for, diagnoses, treats, and conducts surgery for anything anatomically related to the human nervous system. Since nerves travel from our brain, through our spine, to every part of our body, any damage caused to the nervous system can result in a change in one's way of speech, talk, walk, or behavior.


Time to see a neurologist

How do we know that a visit to the neurology department is what we need or, at times, something that is, in fact, long overdue? Here are some of the most common symptoms of neurological disorders


×        Neuropathic pain: This kind of pain occurs when one's nerves are damaged from impact, injury, or a disease. Its sensation can distinguish the pain; it is either sharp, stinging, shooting, or burning from within. Common medicine fails to work in such cases, but a neurologist can suggest the best treatment to counter the pain.

×        Migraines: These throbbing headaches can often occur hours to days on end, which may indicate paying a visit to a neurologist near you. Migraines are triggered by different things depending on the person and his/her lifestyle.

×        Seizures: These rapid disturbances in your brain can cause strange sensations or sometimes blackouts and have various medications that can reduce and sometimes eradicate seizures from occurring.

×        Serious memory issues: this often occurs with aging and can sometimes lead to the ‘hard to watch transition’ to chronic Alzheimer’s disease.

Some others include having a history of strokes, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and brain or spinal injury.


Who is the best neurologist in North Carolina?

When on the hunt for a good neurologist, Raleigh is your best bet. When searching for the best neurologist in Raleigh, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Board Certification is a vital aspect of finding the hospital that houses the top experts in the neurology field that can take care of your most severe neuro-related issues with ease. These dedicated specialists work hard to rid their patients of neurological pain or disorders or reduce them to the best of their abilities. Make sure to check health news sites that rank doctors in this field as well. Raleigh's best neurologists can also be found on rating and review websites to evaluate feedback from their previous patients.


Taking care of our nerves

Although it's great to have a backup plan of doctors and treatments for neurological issues and diseases on hand, it is always best to be better prepared and avoid such situations from approaching us all together. So, let's consider some ways that we can take better care of our nervous systems:

×        Stay hydrated: Drink a good amount of water and other fluids throughout the day to flush out the toxins.

×        Stay away from unhealthy habits: Do not smoke or drink alcohol (especially in surplus to avoid addiction)

×        Stay fit: Eat a healthy balanced meal and exercise frequently to maintain good metabolism.

×        Stay rested: Get a good 6-8 hours of sleep each day to feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the next working morning.

Some of these self-care tips may even trigger the body's natural painkillers, making you feel better.

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