Plumber in Quakers Hill Handle Inconsistent Temperature of Water

Inconsistent temperature of water in the homes is a dangerous and annoying experience. Warm water turning cold unexpectedly is surprising especially when you do not have a clue about why this happened. Similarly, when the cool water from faucet turns warm to scalding in quick time, the situation may simply turn dangerous. Different scenarios result in such problems with many factors coming together to cause issues. Some ways to reduce the chance of such issues are the following.

Inconsistent bathtub or shower water temperature

This is a popular and common reason behind the inconsistent temperature of water. This initiates another demand of water elsewhere in homes affecting temperature of flowing water from faucets. Flushing of the toilet or a working dishwasher creates new water demands on the heating system. This central system for home services shares both hot and cold water. The design of the thermostatic and pressure-balance tub or shower control counteracts this problem. The replacement of shower cartridge proves to be the perfect way for fixing any inconsistencies related to water temperature as the plumber Quakers Hill explains.

·         The first step is to turn off water, then close drain stopper

·         Remove handle using wrench and use screwdriver or remove handle adapter

·         Put out metal clip that holds the cartridge and slide the other. The hot side should be on left and now replace the retainer clip of the cartridge.

·         Now the technician installs scald guard and turn on the water while adjusting the guard with the water running and replace handle.

Dip tube is faulty and causes inconsistent temperature

This is another common reason for inconsistent temperature of water at the home service points. Two pipes are present above the water heater and this extends to the appliance. One of the dip tubes reaches the bottom part of the tank and this forces water right to bottom part. Another one is shorter drawing water from top part of tank with the rise of the water. Faults related to cold water tubing may take on various forms like snapping off at places entirely. This can crack, corrode, or have holes along its length anytime. This leads to the mixing of cold and hot waters and results in inconsistent water changes or a consistent supply of lukewarm water. According to the plumber Epping, the possible solutions include heater replacement or simply replacement of dip tube to resolve the issue.

·         To prepare the heater, the technicians first drain the appliance.

·         Now they remove vent stack using screwdriver. This is at top part of heaters with a shield with the appliance.

·         Cut copper pipe with hacksaw or cutter about eight inches over the heater.

·         Stabilize fitting of dip tube with wrench and turn off line fitting using wrench.

·         Remove the fitting with pipe wrench and when this is free, the technician uses their hands for pulling the tube up straight and away from the heater.

When pulling out dip tube when this hits ceiling to remain stuck, the good idea is to lay down tank and remove tube completely.


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