Detection and Control of Termites with Pest Control Taren Point

We come across pests of different types but the ones that can damage any property without giving noticeable signs till the maximum damage is done are the termites. Considered as silent destroyers, termites are very difficult to detect. The latest technology used for detecting termites is thermal imaging. A reliable pest control uses advanced thermal cameras to find out hiding places of termites and use appropriate methods to exterminate them forever.

Why termites are hard to detect

·         Termites cannot be noticed with naked eyes. They penetrate into wooden structures by making tunnels in them. Within a very short time they increase in numbers and destroy almost everything around.

·         Termites can remain away from light and generally reside in humid and dark places. As they are hidden, their existence cannot be felt easily unless we get to see the damages done by them.

·         As termites live in large colonies, they always get favorable temperature to grow in huge numbers. Not only in the wooden structures but termites can also make their colonies in water pipes, electric pipes, bathroom and kitchen.

Thermal imaging technique

When you can get termite inspection and control by the best Pest Control Taren Point, you need not bother about the end result. The moment you sense termite infestation in your property, you should immediately get in touch with the best professional to eliminate them completely. The best pest control company uses thermal imaging technique to locate existence of termites in a place. Infra red technology is used for detecting where the termites are hiding even if you cannot see them with naked eyes. When termites are located, heat patterns change and this can be easily seen through cameras that use infra-red technique.  After change in heat pattern is observed, next step for the termite inspector is to plan for their complete termination. Not only thermal imaging but a professional pest controller uses combination of moisture detection technique and thermal imaging to find out exact location of termites in any property.  

Pre-construction termite inspection

Termite inspection is not to be done only when you sense their presence in your property but pre-construction termite inspection is a must. Before any construction is to be started, thorough termite inspection by Pest Control Henley should be done to avoid serious problems in future. Whenver you are planning to buy a property, how big or small, you must call termite inspection services so that you get assurance that the money you are investing in that property is not going to be wasted in near future.


Whether you want your property to be free from termite infestation in future or you would need occupancy certificate for your property as per the regulations set by the authorities, you must have termite inspection done by the best people in this industry. Termite extermination must be done by expert pest controllers so that every step is done with proper care. It may be a termite barrier or use of chemicals, efficient termite control is expected from the best pest control company in Sydney.  




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