Get your kids to safari nation and give them the memories for the lifetime

The best way to get away your kids from the normalities of daily life is by taking them to a place full of fun and imagination. One of the best places where your kids will have a welcoming effect is the Safari Nation. Everything about the place – its sight, sound, and smell will have them wanting more time to explore it all. Seeing your kids having fun and being rowdy will make you recall the time when you were also a carefree kid.

Safari Nation is not only for kids, but it is a place where an entire family can have fun which is why it is called a family entertainment center. It was launched in 2012 by responsible parents who believe that kids should have a good place to play where they can engage themselves in some good physical activities along with having fun. The Safari Nation's play area is designed in such a way that it encourages physical activity in the kids. With a lot of play elements like bumper cars, zipline, jungle gym, inflatables, and toddler playground, kids will burn their calories while enjoying themselves with their peers.

You can also plan a grand birthday party in the Winston-Salem branch of the Safari nation. The indoor theme park offers three types of birthday party plans which are named Safari land at $185, Jungle Hut at $295, and Tree House at $335. There are extra charges if you want to plan a birthday party on the weekends. In the package Safari Land, ten kids are allowed who are provided with two pizzas, 12 water bottles, one hour of room time, two free admission passes, and a 50% discount on a Bumper car ride. In the package Jungle Hut, 15 kids are allowed who are provided with three pizzas, 24 water bottles, and three free admission passes. In the Tree House plan, 25 kids are allowed who are provided with four pizzas, 32 water bottles, and five free admission passes. Safari Nation is one of the best indoor party places for kids.

In addition, the bounce house play center in the Safari Nation is also very popular among the kids. Playing on the bounce houses develops your toddler's motor skills so that they can grow well while having some fun.

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