Cucumber Life Hack Reveals


First of all, cucumbers are not vegetables but fruits. The tantalizing aroma of fresh cucumber contains more than 90% of water and also contains most of your daily vitamins requirements: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.


   Most commonly, eat cucumber as part of your salad? Healthy food! 


Blend cucumber with other few vegetables as your ‘fresh’ vege juice? Pretty good! 


 Leave couple pieces of cucumber on your beautiful eyes as your facial mask? Wonderful feeling!  

Yet, how many other things that cucumbers can do? Now let’s reveal the REAL powers of the cucumber together.

 Life Hacks By Using Cucumber


o   Eraser: If your lovely kids decorated a wall with pen or markers, you may use the external skin of a cucumber and gently rub on the area you need to erase. But if the kids decorated the entire wall, forget about cucumber, a pot of paint would be easier.

o   Garden guard: Don’t like the snails, slugs and other crawlies all over your garden? Place a few slices a cucumber over an aluminum cooking tray or foil sheet, leave them in your garden, the reaction between the chemicals in the cucumber to the Aluminum generates a smell that drives these crawlies mad while pets friendly and human cannot sense it.

o   Prevent mirror foggy: Does the bath mirror fogging bothers you? No worries, cucumber got you! Rub a slice of cucumber over the mirror surface and it will prevent the fogging and also relax you due to its own unique aroma.

o   Reduce hangover: 

After a wild night while drinking too much alcohol, eat a few slices of cucumber before going to bed. 


You will feel the difference when you wake up the next morning with no headache; If too drunk to eat cucumber before going to bed, and woke up with a headache, then eat and drink these step by step -

    2 tablespoons of honey

    5” least cucumber

    1 cup of warm water

The sugar, all the B vitamins and electrolytes in the cucumber are enough to renew the supply of critical nutrients that the body lost over drinking alcohol.

o   Shoe polish: Out of leather shoe polish and had to leave for a party soon? Rub a slice of cucumber over the shoes. The chemical in the cucumber will bring out the shine and also make it water resistant. Don’t dip your feet into a pool with the shoes on, not that kind of water resistant. =)

o   Squeak noise killer: Do the door hinges squeak and you are out of WD40? Rub a cucumber over the hinge on both sides and the squeaking noise will go away.

o   Stainless steel cleaner: A natural green friend could help you to clean your stainless steel products such as pots, trays, sinks, taps, etc. Rub a slice of cucumber over the surface you want to clean. The process should remove years of collected residue without ruin your nails.

o   Sunburn reliever: If you’ve got some lightly sunburn, rub a slice of cucumber over the skin, you will be surprised that sunburn feeling disappeared.

 Eat/drink Cucumber

o   Temporary gum: Don’t want to suffer from bad breath after a wonderful meal but no gum or used tea leaves around you? 

Take a slice of fresh cucumber and press it with your tongue against the roof of your mouth and rub it slowly for at least 45 seconds. The phytochemicals will terminate the bacteria that cause a bad smell.

o   Boost up your energy: if you are feeling tired and exhausted during the afternoon hours or working through a late night, Instead of down many of caffeine drinks, try some fresh cucumbers. The vitamin B and carbohydrates in cucumber will revive you and keep you alert for couple hours. 


Of course, you may cook cucumber as many delicious ways or smash/blend some cucumbers and make all kinds of amazing beverage with or without alcohol in it.  Use your imagination and be creative!  

When someone asking you:"Can I be your friend?", you say "Sure." But will that person be your best friend? ONLY IF you want her/him to be! Hope you will let cucumber be your another best natural green friend as well! Live happily and enjoy yourself in a healthy way! 




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