Raj kumar Rao is too keen to work wtih deepika padukone

The bollywood Newton aka Raj Kumar Rao recently interacted with the bollywood queen at the recently concluded hello hall of fame awards 2018.

The actors had a short but fruitful discussion and both talked for minutes just like good friends.

Post-awards ceremony Roa interacted with the media and expressed that he is looking forward to work with the queen Padmavati aka Deepika in near future.

He said, "we spoke about each other works and also discussed that we must do something together and hopefully the opportunity will come soon."

With the actors, words look like some project is already in pipeline or on the discussion stage but one thing is very clear from his words he is too keen to work with the Deepika.

Raj Kumar Rao and Deepika Padukone last movies were commercially successful and both the actors are known for their acting.

If they come onscreen surely it is going to be a treat for their fans.

where Raj Kumar Rao has series of upcoming movies Deepika has no movies ready for the release in this year.


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