8 accessories that will instantly upgrade your smartphone camera

The best camera you have is the one you that’s always with you. From lens attachments with brilliant optics to ingeniously designed LED phone cases, the market for smartphone camera accessories gets better and better every year. To that end, here are eight accessories that will significantly upgrade your smartphone photo game.

1. A versatile tripod you can put almost anywhere

JOBY Gorilla Tripod Stand

Set your camera anywhere to capture the perfect, un-blurry shot.

Among other things, the key to sharp high quality images is stabilization. With the JOBY GorillaPod Stand, not even low light or those coffee jitters will prevent you from getting a professional looking image. The trustworthy design will ensure your smartphone stays straight while you’re free to explore any combination of angles this little tool opens up.

Get the JOBY Griptight GorillaPod Stand on Amazon for $19.95

2. A gorgeous wood case with a real shutter button

Moment Wooden Lens Case

Elegance meets function with an artisanal wooden case built for lens add-ons

Not only is this protective phone case stylish, the electronic shutter button on the side of the case emulates the feel of a DSLR’s shutter button quite nicely. Try one of these popular cases for a sturdy and compact alternative that slips right into your pocket and is a lot less bulky than a DLSR. The top of the case is designed so you can easily snap on any combo of Moment lenses for the perfect shot every time.

Get the Moment iPhone case on Amazon for $19.99

3. A set of lenses to explore three new ways to take photos

Photojojo Lens Kit

Three options for taking more unique photos in one kit!

Whether you roll with an Android or iPhone, Photojojo has the package to up your photo ante. This lens kit comes with three attachable lenses—fisheye, telephoto, and combo wide angle and macro. The lightweight lenses attach to a magnetic strip around your camera lens, making this versatile kit a super easy and effective way of experimenting with smartphone photography.

Get the Photojojo 3-Pack of Cell Lenses on Amazon for $35

4. A phone case with built-in lighting for better selfies

Lume Duo Light Case

The Kardashians love it, but you don't have to tell anyone that part.

The Lumee Duo iPhone case is Kardashian approved, and for good reason—this luminous iPhone case will make you look like a million bucks in selfies with its soft and even lighting. The case comes in four colors—rose, white, black, and gold and touts a battery life of about 30-40 minutes when used continuously.

Get the Lumee LED Lighting Case on Amazon for $69.99

5. A multi-functional camera mount to make you feel like a pro

Shoulderpod S1 Professional Phone Camera Rig

Get a better grip on your smartphone for a more authentic photography experience.

Never snap a blurry photo again—the functionality of the Shoulderpod S1 is threefold: you can use it as a tripod mount, a filmmaker grip, or a traveler stand. When used with the JOBY gorilla pod or just on its own, you’ll ensure tack sharp images that give heftier camera bodies a run for their money.

Get the Shoulderpod Professional Smartphone Rig on Amazon for $32.90

6. A ring light to transform everything from selfies to videos

QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

Take perfectly lit selfies every time with a light that fits in your pocket.

Less than desirable lighting is no longer a problem thanks to this crafty, pocket-sized LED ring light. Replicate professional studio lighting with the help of this compact ring flash. Three light level settings make the ring flash perfect for recording videos, taking selfies, and even applying makeup in a pinch. The ring light is rechargeable via USB, so you don't have to drain your phone battery to get the perfect shot.

Get the QIAYA smart phone ring light on Amazon for $12.99

7. A Bluetooth shutter button to replace that tacky selfie stick

Hapurs Bluetooth Shutter Remote

Ditch that obnoxious selfie stick for a discreet remote shutter button.

Never worry about who to ask to take a photo of you and your crew again with this useful Bluetooth shutter release tool from Hapurs. The trigger will work for up to 12 meters and is small enough to discreetly hide when it's time for your closeup. It also comes in a variety of bright colors and has a wrist strap so you won't lose it.

Get a Hapurs Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter Release on Amazon for $5.59

8. A lens kit to capture the big picture or the finest detail

LOHA iPhone Lens Kit

Wide angle or macro? This lens kit does it all.

A steal at $14.96, LOHA’s super cheap and easy to use accessory kit gives you the best of both worlds—a super macro 10x lens that will bring every little detail into sharp focus and a wide angle lens that will expand your frame by 30%, ensuring nothing important gets cropped out. The lenses are compatible with all smartphones and most cases, so give it a spin and don’t be afraid to get up close and personal.


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