Have you ever had a day where you physically just cannot stop laughing? Imagine that day again and now look at Twitter’s #NationalLetsLaughDay and let’s see if you laugh more today. My best laughing day was a guy’s night playing a popular cooking game called “Overcooked”. Not sure if today is the day that can beat me crying and my stomach hurting from constant laughter, but we shall see how many of these posts will get me on the floor laughing.

        With everyone posting the craziest and funniest pictures/videos how can you do anything at work? Kind of like how I am technically writing this blog for work, but I am really just loving the fact I can spend time looking for the perfect picture or video to post to make you all laugh hysterically (or maybe you are just laughing at my blog because no one reads it). I’d say I have the perfect pun or joke for you all, but I’m not a dad so I don’t have cool “Dad Jokes” just yet (Maybe one day...hopefully not soon though!). Well now you know that I’m not funny like at all so I’ll leave it to twitter to give you some real laughs. Click on the link below!

Twitter - #NationalLetsLaughDay

        I’d absolutely LOVE to see more #NationalLetsLaughDay posts in the comments below. I’ll watch them and say it’s all for research for my next #NationalLetsLaughDay blog for 2020.

-A. F. 


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