The Legend of Bellechenezang Isle

Book 2: War!!!

There were 4 places set aside for the demigods and wizards. One was the Ice Palace, ruled by the Ice Wizard, god of the north, ice, and the winds. The second was the Volcano of Fire, home to the Fire Wizard, god of the south, fire, and technology. The third was Fulmin, home to the demigod refuge, the Twelfth Legion. Led by the praetors, general, and high ambassador, the Twelfth Legion was a powerful fighting force. The last place was Ilvermony Auror School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Twelfth Legion had an eagle standard that unleashed lightning at all enemies within a fifty mile radius. Ilvermony had two stone giant guardians who could be summoned at any time. The Ice Wizard and the Fire Wizard kept huge armies of ice and fire warriors. These were the defenses of each refuge.

Meanwhile, the gods were worrying about a few unleashed demons that were wrecking havoc across the world. They managed to recapture the demons, but they were afraid next time they would not have the time to chase the monsters. So they organized 5 orders of wizards to combat them. The most powerful was the Thestral Order. The Order of Bellechenezang Isle Magic operated only in Bellechenezang Isle. The Order of Magical Order was like the supreme court, along with the Wizengamot. The Ministry of Magic was the controller of magic, though it didn’t always have enough power to keep control. That was why the other orders were needed. Satisfied, the gods settled down to enjoy peace.

That peace did not last long however. In 70 TM, seven dark wizards arose, each powerful enough to take on the gods themselves. The eldest one was Murda, the Dark Wizard. His son, Magda, the Black Mage was the second. The three twins, Ezmia, the Enchantress, Lenda, the Sorceress, and Baldor, the Sorcerer, were third oldest. Sauron and Saruman the White and Black were fifth and sixth oldest and always worked together. Voldemort was the youngest, but most feared of all of them. He was brought down in 120 FM, along with Sauron a month later. Three years later Murda was killed by Zester and Jehostaligh looked for the rest. After numerous battles and casualties, the only one left was Magda, now the Dark Wizard. But after all that time, he only got stronger. Finally Zester and Jehostpaligh led an army of celestial and dark celestial warriors to kill him. It was a horrifying battle. Magda was killed, though and everyone was happy, for a time. For there would be more carnage to arise soon.

TO BE CONTINUED IN Book 3: The Mortal Realm


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