MetaboFix | Shark Tank Drink - How it Uses & Price - Does Its Really Works?

MetaboFix (2801-6) It also helps with "purifying those areas through which sensory infl uences are at times clogged" (1641-2), and acts "not only as an antiseptic for the blood supply...but will also...act as an antiseptic through the intestinal system." (318-5) For a person with bronchitis the "inhalant [would] cleanse throat and bronchi of those disturbances that contribute to the upsetting of the liver and the digestive forces..." (2975-1) To summarize: "...the properties in the inhalant are also purifying to the body, to cleanse or to correct causes." (3094-1)  MetaboFix success stories are also reported in the readings. An A.R.E. member in Rancho Cordova, California, described her condition in a 1973 letter: "In 1950 I started having bad headaches.

MetaboFix drinks tend to trigger gas in their systems. Carbonated drinks are "charged" with carbon dioxide, a colorless, odorless, incombustible gas that is also a product of respiration; the gas creates the fizz and bubbles in these soft drinks. As stated earlier, the majority of people were told to avoid such beverages altogether; however, one exception was made: for coca-cola the  MetaboFix alone without the MetaboFix could be taken mixed with plain water. According to certain readings, such a combination is more beneficial, aids circulation in general, and helps detoxify the body. One reading, 5097-1, gave the mixture as "1/2 oz. or 1 oz. of the syrup [added to] plain water.

MetaboFix reading stated that this mixture "will react with the circulation between the kidneys and the liver, and will clear off much of the poisons which will be more beneficial for the activity of the sensory system." (5058-1) Its beneficial effects for kidney and bladder disorders may stem from the  MetaboFix being both "an alkalizer and a diuretic," according to An Edgar Cayce Home Medicine Guide (p. 31). How was this beverage to be used? "Take the Coca-Cola as a medicine, not as a drink." (3412-1) This suggestion probably alleviates some apprehension about its ingredients (see below) as well as understanding its useful purpose;.


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