What You Need To Know Abut Singapore Tech Pass

Guide to Singapore’s New Work Pass: Tech Pass

Singapore Government will issue a new work permit named Tech.Pass, aimed at attracting highly accomplished technology entrepreneurs, experts, and business leaders starting January 2021.

It aims to attract highly skilled technology professionals in various fields such as e-commerce, artificial intelligence and cyber security, among others in order to boost the country’s economy and continue its tech-friendly environment. The new Tech.Pass is in line with the Tech@SG program that was launched in 2019 that aimed to help fast-growing companies access talent needed to grow and scale their business in Singapore and the region.

What are the benefits afforded to Singapore Tech.Pass holders?

One major advantage that is afforded to Singapore Tech.Pass holders is that they are provided with a higher degree of flexibility. The pass is valid for up to 2 years, therefore during the period, its holders are permitted to engage in a wide range of activities such as:

  • - Running or even starting up a tech company within Singapore.
  • -   Working as a director within one or more tech companies within Singapore
  • -   Being able to invest in one or more companies based in Singapore.
  • -   Working as an employee at any time within those two years  in one or more companies based in Singapore
  • -   Conducting corporate workshops or training
  • -   Conducting lectures within institutes of higher learning in Singapore
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