What Design Trends Will Emerge in 2021?

Branding and graphic design are constantly evolving. Several design trends that were effective may be old fashioned in the months to come. It is therefore important to ensure that you keep up with the design trends in the market today.

This will help you to stay relevant and reach out to potential customers.

The following are some of the design trends to anticipate in 2021.

Use Real Faces In Your Design

Nowadays people want to interact with other individuals and putting a face in your design especially social media post will increase engagement.


Provide a break from conventional logos and brand designs and give your audience a personal connection by using real faces.

Use of Fun Designs

Depending on the market you serve sometimes using quirky designs can add some fun and engagement. Do not be too serious, show the fun side of your brand. People love to interact with a brand that doesn't seem too serious.

Handcrafted designs are a great option to use. Experiment with various fun designs and see which brings the most results.

Expressionist Brand Colours

It is becoming a trend for business to use various colours schemes to represent their brand. Expressing your brand identity using various complex colour scheme is the next trend.

It is important to choose the best colour scheme that resonates with your brand and be consistent with it.

Leverage Design Patterns

There is a trend where brands are using design patterns across their visual branding. This helps create a unique experience for their customers and also helps people identify their brand easily.

Geometric patterns have been proved to be both stimulating and engaging. You can test out various design patterns for your brand.

Create Designs That Provides Immersive Experience

People want more than you providing them with well-designed products. They need something that tells a story. Immersive experience design will create a great experience for your customers making them be attached to your brand.

As you can tell, the design trend for 2021 has shifted to personalisation and connection. It's time to become creative and use brand designs that create a good customer experience.

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