Relating the Charm of Outdoor String Lights

Standard types of outside lighting include wall hanging sconces, post and path lights. Still, anyone asked to name the most charming type of outdoor lighting would probably mention outdoor string lights. Designers for Restoration Hardware appreciate the charming qualities of those hanging lights. They have created strings that contain smaller versions of the lights that hang above Italy's piazzas.

There are six different types of lights on the various RH strings. Each light on the Street Fair string has a standard bulb underneath a metal cover. A homeowner can order a cover of either bronze or weathered zinc. A single 11 1/2 foot sting contains ten lights.

Both the Party strings and the Industrial strings feature globe lights. The Party Globe string comes with two different sizes of unprotected globes--large globes and small globes. The globes in the line of Industrial lights enjoy the protection provided by a small metal roof. While these have one standard sized globe, they give the homeowner the opportunity to choose between a galvanized metal roof, and those with a copper roof.

A homeowner that hopes to see his or her lighted yard looking like a Tuscan country villa should order either the Avignon string or the Santorini string of lights. Both of these strings have ten lantern like lights. The type of metal in those small metal frames is up to the homeowner. These Italian themed strings give the homeowner a chance to select one of the two types of frames-bronze and weathered zinc.

The simplest of all the available RH hanging lights is the Vintage string. While the bulbs in this string remain unprotected, this string has 24 bulbs, more than twice the number of lights found in any of the other strings. All of the above listed strings have all weather wiring. Each of these hanging lights can help to illuminate an outdoor affair, one that is taking place after sundown

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