MPPSC will be Cracked by Smart Preparation

This is a golden opportunity for MPPSC exam participants. At the same time, most students are afraid of appearing in it. The reason for this is that usually, 5 months' time is available for the preparation of PSC. But, there are less than two months left in this exam. Experts say that this time there will be fewer entries in the exam. This will reduce competition. Prepare for MPPSC exam with Best Mppsc Coaching in Indore.


paper pattern

The exam consists of two papers, General Studies (GS) and General Interest (CSAT). Both are objective types. It will take 100 questions. According to the new format, it is mandatory to qualify by bringing 40 percent marks in CSAT. At the same time, merit will be made from GS paper. This has led to a loss of children with professional courses like engineering and science. Because merit will not be made on the basis of marks of CSAT.


Two Sections in G.S.

GS has two sections. The first is static GK. This will include questions on History, Geography, Constitution, Economics, Science, and Current Affairs. 50 percent of paper will be prepared from them and the remaining 50 percent will be based on questions related to MP only. In this, 15 to 25 questions of MP GK are asked. The 10 questions will be based on the Act of MP. At the same time, 10 questions will be on sports, and 5 to 7 questions will be on a computer.



According to the subject expert Lakshmisharan Mishra, the participants were less educated, but they read only the Authentic. Refer to the government website for information. Time is too short. So, most of the children are not giving exams. So there is a good chance of getting selected for the students who will appear with good preparation.


what not to do

There is a lot of difference between 0 IAS and PSC. Therefore, the participants of IAS should not think that the course of this exam is ready for them. IAS Concepts is a test. At the same time, PSC is a test of fact information.

0 Due to lack of time, the participants are practicing the books and reading the questions. Instead, they read the chapters. The syllabus can easily be cracked when the syllabus is fully rotted.


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How to Preparation

- Participants can prepare for Static GK with a good book of 200 to 300 pages for any publication.

-MP GK should be studied by MP General Knowledge book published by MP Hindi Granth Academy. It will cover 70-80 percent.

-Must read Madhya Pradesh Public Relations website 222. The current affairs section of MP will be covered.

-Sports section will be based on sports structure, sports achievements, and sports administration in Madhya Pradesh. For this, refer to the website of the MP Sports Department.

-Prepare the National-International Current Affairs section. Prominent countries in the discussion, important appointments, important awards, important conferences: from climate to world Hindi conference, sports tournaments and new and popular books.

- Prepare for Mppsc exam with Mppsc Coaching in Indore.



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