How Can I Close My Bank Account Online?

We the customers and the banks around the world are interdependent on each other. No matter how many customers the bank has still a single customer is also important for them. At the same time, we customers need the service for the banks are also important for us.

But it is an individual decision that can be taken by the customer and also the bank to break this relationship. Some people are not aware of this. But even the banks have the right to close your account in certain cases. This includes using the account for illegal purposes and keeping the account idle for a long period of time.

The main matter of today's discussion is, can you close your bank account online?

The answer to this question is Yes, you can close the account online.

But not all banks allow customers to opt-out of the services online. So you have to first verify this thing with your bank. You can simply contact the customer service of the bank and ask them if they allow it.

If your bank allows you to do it then that is a piece of great news.

#1 Clear the Balance

Even if your bank allows you to complete the closing process online, you should clear your balance. If you have anything pending like a negative balance in your account. Then pay them off.

If you have any education loan, personal loan, or home loan pending in the account, then you can only close if the loan is cleared.

#2 Visit the Official Website

Visit the official website of your bank. You can find the website address or URL printed on the documents you have received from your bank. Even it will be printed on your debit card.

#3 Login to your Account

Now you have to log in to your online banking account. Once you have visited the official website of your bank, enter your login details and get into your online account.

#4 Look for the Secure Mail Section

Every bank's online banking section will have a secure mail section. This is a chat option that will be integrated into the online banking system.

This system can be used when you need help or support regarding the services offered by your bank. We can use the same system to submit our closing request to the bank.

#5 Start the Conversation

If your bank offers real-time chat support then that is really great at this moment. That is because you are speaking with a live person and submit your request.

Choose the chat now option and wait till your conversation is connected with one of the bank's support team members. Once the chat is starts tell him or her that you want to close your account.

There will be a few questions asked to you. Answer those questions and your request for the closure will be taken.

What if there is no real-time support?

If there is no real-time support then you can create a new support ticket or write a message to the bank. Go to create a new message, enter the subject as "Close the Bank Account".

Explain in brief that you want to close your bank account and can not reach the branch physically. Once you have written the message send it.

If everything is fine with your account then your account will be closed by the bank. And the bank will send you a confirmation about the same.

My Online Request is Rejected! What Next?

This happens when your bank account has some complications. But there is no need to worry. This does not mean that you can not close bank account online.

There are two major reasons why your account closing request is rejected.

The first one is the banks don't allow you to close the account if your account is a new one. New one in the sense which is opened within last 6 to 8 months.

This happens because you have to pay the account closing fees to the bank in this case.

The second major reason can be the balance you have in your account. Your account should not have a credit balance as well as a debit balance before you submit the request.

If you have a credit balance then empty your account before submitting the request. And if you have a debt balance that is a negative balance. Then clear the balance and then submit a new request.

But if your second request is also rejected then there no other option but you will have to visit the nearest branch of your bank.


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