Sleep Paralysis is Weird

I have very vivid dreams occasionally and sometimes, I can remember them. This particular dream has stuck with me for a few months because it was just so real and weird.

So I'm on a beach in Chicago, party with my friends like in those cliché teen movies. parents decided to go out in a boat with a guide while i swam. Saw 2 islands and the other side of Chicago. Decided to return to the original shore be side my mother was tired. Later, was hanging out with my friends and decided to go out again, but in a canoe this time. Me and 2 other people. One person was singing, the bottom of the boat was clear and so was the water even thought it was the middle of the night. One person wasn't paying attention and we got turned around. Noticed that the islands I had seen before aren't there, but there was a giant ship covered in thousands violins, violas, cellos, etc. All pointed in different directions. It was surrounded with weird green for, gave me a bad feeling so I convinced the other 2 to head back to shore. As we're turning around, we hear a note from a cello and all of a sudden there is something flying at us. We panic and paddle as fast as we can. The notes keep playing and the objects keep flying as we get closer to shore. There's this separator like they have in public pools that we crash into, but we keep paddling. Another note comes from the ship and another object comes toward us. It narrowly misses our boat as we arrive to shore. At this point the party on shore has become aware of the boat and the music as they stare at this ship. The music stops. Everyone stares in silence. Suddenly the thousands of string instruments all played a simultaneous, sour note. It was at this point my friends and I realize that those mystery objects, were ropes. The ropes have a large mass attached. Anchors. Anchors attaching in all different directions, like a spiderweb, even 3 attaching to the sky. We all realized that we were in danger and ran into a warehouse that wasn't there before and began to run in different directions. I go left and find myself in an office area built like a maze. The walls are green and the same for the was on the ship is in this area. I hear another sour note, but this time, it's closer. And now there's a low, raspy voice. I can't tell what's it's saying, but I wasn't going to stick around to find out. I keep running through the offices and come to a door. It opens before I can reach it. I keep going. There's a walkway in a large cylindrical room with a pit where i find the same guide that went with my parents. I ask him if he knows what's going on. He says that his worst fears have come true. “The ancient enemies of this land have co--" another note is played and an anchor breaks through the wall and impales the guide. Another door appears and opens. I run. I hear the voice again. I get to a large area with tall walls, all facing different directions. A maze. I start going through the maze when I hear the string instruments begin to play Scala’s Palldio. The voice is closer. I run faster. I stop. I see a large, dark figure turn the corner. He's wearing a horned Viking helmet and a kilt. It sees me. The deep, raspy voice speaks again. It comes from this creature. I run again. I keep turning in this maze, left, right, left, right. The creature is right behind me at every turn. Right, left, right, left. It's gone. I stop to catch my breath. I hear footsteps and labored breathing. The voice speaks again. I realize what it's been saying all along: “No way out.” I turn to run. A yellow smile, black beard, and dead, black eyes is almost touching my face. “No way out.” It laughs, the song ends. I wake up. I can't move, speak or even open my eyes.

Yeah, some people have sleep paralysis demons, I get dreams...


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