How do you know if something is wrong with your veins?

Why are they different from regular veins? Well, varicose veins are enlarged blood veins, they may look tangled and puffed in some cases. They tend to bulge out and could be in the shade of purplish and blue depending upon the skin. They can appear anywhere but prominently in the thighs, calves, and inner areas. So if you notice some ugly veins bulging around these are and have ropy appearance chances are they could be varicose veins. To overcome this, you need to consult the vein doctor Houston tx as they are not likely to vanish on their own.


According to the data, 7 out of 10 American women are dealing with the vein problem by the time they reach around 50. Most of these women who are young are getting these in their 20s. Although the risks of women having vein problems are prominent in women compared to men, this does not mean they cannot catch vein issues. Men too can catch this thing, though men are likely to get this thing rarely. To overcome this issue you need to consult with the vein specialist Houston tx.


One fact is they are bad enough to dent your confidence. Those ugly veins will make you less confident while you are enjoying the best time of your life in that black dress on a date night. Varicose veins are related to the spider veins, which are not so severe and bad. Spider veins are regular veins and normally appear on the surface of the skin. However, both conditions need the vein doctor Houston tx consultation.


So before going on, what are the things that trigger the varicose veins? Vein specialist Houston tx says that they are mainly a consequence of the weak vein walls letting blood flow abnormally, creating visible and bad veins in the area.


If you have veins but not sure to visit the vein doctor TX? Check out these symptoms.


  1. Swelling of the ankles and the toes. May feel a little pain and restlessness even laying in a comfortable position.


  1. A feeling of heaviness when legs after staying in the same position for long hours.


  1. Cramps or aching in the lower areas of the legs.


  1. Burning sensation around the area where you can see the vein cluster.


Suffering from the 3 of these symptoms is almost a confirmation that you need a consultation with the vein specialist TX. If you are feeling discomfort and heaviness around the leg area then it might be a symptom that you need help.


If you can relate to the symptoms, do not worry. It is only a cosmetic issue, not a lethal one. Varicose vein treatments have seen new heights and arranged various ways to get the best of it. They can be eliminated easily through new vein treatments, which can be totally easy. All you need is to consult with the right vein doctor.


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