10 Tools That Your Digital Business Must Have To Grow:

Creativity is at its peak among Gen Z. Almost everyone has a film studio in their pocket to shoot, edit, and publish their creations. To support the massive audience in the amalgamation of video, audio, and photos, we have thousands of free editing apps on the internet. These video editing apps are creating globally too much buzz within an increasing percentage of users every day. Many popular apps provide the opportunity to edit videos and photos present on mobile devices. Anyone with little or no editing knowledge can use it. These well-produced videos are more engaging than texts and images as they share priceless information with us. Apart from Gen Z, bloggers, social media activists, and companies are using these apps. 

Users prefer video editing apps with additional and advanced editing features. They use the app irrespective of the paid or free version, only because of specific features. Thus along with the general features like trimming, cropping, merging, motion effects, transitions, overlays, and texts, you need some unique features in the app to gain popularity and usage. Some of the advanced features expected in a video editing app are:

  1. Video templates library. 
  2. Simple to use.
  3. User-friendly features.
  4. Free video templates
  5. Special effects.
  6. Video format supports.
  7. Advanced tools.
  8. Social media integration.
  9. Customer care support.

Out of these features, we narrow our discussion to important features required for a video editing app.

  1. Video templates library:

Video templates are the most sought after features in an app. They provide the convenience of simplifying the editing procedure. Every app has tons of templates to create videos in minutes. Templates are customizable and curated for the requirements. The video templates library must have templates for these sections.

  • Promo video templates: You must have a pool of promo video templates for creating videos in minutes. These templates will grow the business and boost sales. In these templates, you have to choose the image, select the colors, choose the dimension, and add text. Your video is ready to be uploaded to social media platforms. These templates are used extensively in Video Ads, Email marketing promos, videos for company websites, Instagram feed, Instagram stories, and personal videos.
  • Typography templates: Type your script in the text holder and press to turn your message into a show. It will drop your brand under the spotlight with bright colors and vibrant energy—customers who want to express their views in a video look for this template.
  • Storyboard templates: This is a broad category that needs more attention while developing an app. Add elements to highlight the milestones, celebrate the growth, attract new customers, and many more features to create a long-lasting impression at the end of the video. You can even create a template with funny cartoon characters to spice up the usage. 
  • Marketing templates: Marketing templates need thematic icons, animated characters, and an excellent tool kit. Try to add more characters in 2D, 3D, and many scenes for narrating any marketing trend. Meme templates are extensively used for product marketing, and you can create a separate list for these templates under this section. 
  • Whiteboard templates – minimalism is required for some videos, and whiteboard templates are the perfect fit. It helps you to craft your own story with a few clicks on the ready-made presets. Under this category, you need to add more characters for a boost.
  • Service promotional templates: Colorful and lively motion graphics are expected in these templates. Promotions must be catchy to the eyes with little music. Add a music tool kit to these templates for more popularity.

The templates are categorized based on application, time, simplicity, concepts, and features. Customers must find templates for any purpose in your app.

  • Price of the app: 

Apps with a good suite of basic features, customer support, adobe integration, and free versions are important. Your app must provide free basic features or limited-time free offers to encourage the customers to download it. Choose a monetization model for the app at the early stages and build the app. you can choose one of the four monetization apps. 

  • Subscription model – This is a popular method among the apps. The app is free with an option to buy a subscription. Apps will create watermarks for free versions, and to remove watermarks, you may need to subscribe to the app. 
  • In-app advertising: Under this category, your app is free, but users will support the app with ads. This model is popular among users.
  • Freemium model- in this model, the app is free, but you may need to purchase some features. These apps require a one-time purchase. 
  • Paymium model – Paymium requires a purchase for every feature you need in the app. It is a rare monetization model.
  • Additional features: 

These features are added gradually to the app, and users can access these features through an update. Additional features create unique functionality to the app. 

  • Cloud storage.
  • Synchronization with other music services.
  • AI editing assistance.
  • Reverse video development.
  • An overlaying picture option.

These are some of the additional features that can be added at the later stage of app development. Before launching an app, make sure it has all the essential features for creating an engaging video.

  1. Android platform capabilities:

The video editing app must run on Android, Windows, and iOS devices. While developing an app, you must create a parallel version that runs on both devices and upload them to the play store. We have seen some video editors playing a major break-through in Android and not iOS and vice versa. Similarly, you can create online editing apps that require no installation. One such popular online video editing app is InVideo, gaining popularity for its simplicity and high-quality videos.


Video contents are consuming the major social media, and no wonder everyone is trying to upload some videos. 79% of the global web traffic is due to video sharing, and video editing apps play a big role in creating and popularizing video content.


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