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The nuances of connecting and working in a CityMobil taxi to get a driver:

The taxi starts working when the CityMobil Driver application is installed and there's a complete set of pictures of the documents plus the car. Just after sending the application, the manager will contact the driver and comprehensive the registration inside the aggregator's service. Get a lot more facts about работа таксистом

For any successful remote connection additional work by the driver with taxi orders and developing a new account, it is actually needed that the driver isn't blocked within the CityMobil aggregator system, is appropriate for age and driving experience. Also, in some cities from the Russian Federation, you can find distinct needs for the country of issuance of a driver's license for working with a taxi exchange (for example, operating inside a taxi only having a license).

The driver can independently upload the required documents - for this there's a full application kind having a photo. If for some cause the driver can not upload a photo, there is a brief application type - the manager will contact and support the driver to connect to CityMobil.

Significant: online connection to a taxi / registration of a driver inside the office / meeting with an employee inside the city to connect without an office around the spot - FREE OF CHARGE.

What else is there inside the Citymobil taxi application for drivers:

The application includes by far the most useful tips and tricks for both new and existing drivers in city mobile. Working as a taxi driver is less complicated due to tips that should assist drivers work with the taxi service extra comfortably and effectively.

The situations in accordance with which work on a car inside the CityMobil aggregator is probable for a driver are indicated inside a common program. Every single city in Russia has its own nuances of registration and requirements for each drivers and cars.

What taxi ordering services does CityMobil compete with:

• Yandex taximeter (Yandex.Pro)

• Uber Taxi (Uber Driver Russia)

• Gett Taxi (Gett Drivers)

• Taxi Fortunate

• Taxi Maxim

• Indriver

• Taxi Saturn

• Tap taxi

• X Car

• RBT - Taximeter

• Taxi City

• Taxi SOYUZ

• DiDi Driver (DiDi Worldwide)

In which cities does CityMobil connect and operate a taxi for drivers:

Moscow (Moscow area) - MSK, St. Petersburg (Leningrad area) - St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Perm, Volgograd, Krasnodar , Saratov, Tyumen, Togliatti, Ulyanovsk, Yaroslavl, Sochi, Syktyvkar.

Vacancy for work as a courier on a personal car (MSK and St. Petersburg):

In the cities of Moscow Mos. area and St. Petersburg Len. the area has vacancies of work as a courier in your personal car. Specifications for any car in addition to a driver-courier for work in Auto Delivery are MINIMUM (length of service will not be critical, VU and citizenship are any, any car is intact). The process of connecting to a taxi and auto delivery would be the very same. The application for operating as a taxi driver and working as a courier is one and the very same.

The main benefits on the application for connecting to CityMobil:

Speedy connection (20-40 minutes)

Remote connection (without the need of visiting the office)

Memo using the essential information and recommendations right after registration

Low commission (%) from the aggregator

Initial support of a personal manager

Availability of dispatch and technical support

Payments for the card of any bank

Self-service withdrawal of funds 24/7

Crediting funds to the card immediately.

The taxi driver's job begins with contacting any service or aggregator. The taxi is connected almost immediately just after checking the driver's documents. To speed up the registration process, you'll want to take even, clear, well-read pictures. Just after activating your account, you can right away work as a taxi driver (be it City Mobile, Fortunate, Yandex, Didi, Gett or Uber - the principle may be the very same). Taxi is a self-employed job, so it is best to independently calculate your schedule and also the appropriate pace of employment.

For their part, exchanges and aggregators provide enhanced circumstances for taxi drivers as significantly as you can within the present situation: instant payments, round-the-clock support, low commissions, surcharges and bonuses.


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