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Even though most of the online dating sites are paid, there are still some websites that either provide free dating tools or completely free.

It's obvious that in 21st century most of people are quite busy with their job and health. There is a lack of time for good relationship. Therefore, online dating became a real solution. However, the other problem is that plenty of websites and agencies provide only paid services. It may cause troubles for their visitors. Especially if it's the first experience online. When a single person pays money in advance and fails, it really may cause a rejection of entire online dating concept.

So, it's really important to give at least some free communication tools. Of course, if the service is completely free, it's even better. Visitors will be able to try it from the inside out and feel more relaxed, not thinking baout their pocket.

So, we've collected top 15 best free dating sites that provide free online dating services. To get more details of each site you can check in free dating sites review.

So, here is the list of online dating sites that provide free dating tools:

1. Tinder

2. Match

3. eHarmony

4. Elite Singles

5. OurTime

6. Plenty of Fish

7. TenderBride

8. VictoriyaClub

9. Intrenational Cupid

10. Golden Bride

11. Dream Singles

12. Elite Partner

13. OkCupid

14. Hinge

15. Facebook Dating

I also want to demostrate the Google Trends for people searching for "Free Dating Site" and "Free Dating App" for the past 5 years:

Blue - is a the volume of "Free Dating Site" searches.

Red - is a the volume of "Free Dating App" searches.

As we can see that "Free Dating Site" searches trend was decreasing until May 2018 when it skyrocketed and became trendy again.

Speaking about "Free Dating App" trend it is always increasing and coming closer and closer to "Free Dating Site". Which is quite natural, since mobile apps are much more comfortable and modern than websites.

So, the conclusion here is that in 2019-2020 people look for free dating. And it should be comfortable with 24/7 access to profile due to busy schedules and fast life.


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