4 Myths Every Coffee Lover Should Unlearn

Even among many coffee lovers, there are some enduring coffee myths that are often simply taken as fact despite their inaccuracy. The problem is, those myths can lead coffee drinkers, from the casual to connoisseurs, to make choices that can diminish their coffee experience. If you appreciate a truly high-quality cup of coffee, prioritize buying from first-rate small-batch online coffee roasters to unlearn the following myths.

Myth #1: Darker Roast Means Stronger Coffee

That dark roast coffee means strong coffee is among the most common coffee myths—that the darker the roast, the higher the caffeine content. It’s one that continues to be perpetuated by many places that sell and serve coffee. In fact, the opposite can often be the case. A far more effective way to ensure a higher octane cup of joe is to find an online source for fresh, high-quality coffee and brew it with your water-to-coffee ratio that produces stronger coffee.

Myth #2: Coffee Comes From Beans

The phrase “coffee beans” is entirely a misnomer. No disrespect to beans, but there are few of them out there with the delicious, invigorating complexity of coffee. The coffee “bean” is actually the seed of the coffee cherry, a stone fruit, and is initially covered by the coffee cherry’s fruit. While it’s not a cherry like you’d pick up at the grocery store, it looks a bit like a cherry when ripe.

Does this pique your interest? When you order coffee online, make a point of choosing a vendor that carries “cascara,” a coffee cherry tea. Cascara is made with the carefully dried fruit of the coffee cherry and makes for a flavorful high-caffeine, high-antioxidant drink you can steep like a tea, the enjoyment of which actually predates coffee as we know it on the Arabian Peninsula. In fact, cascara remains even more widely consumed than coffee in some countries to this day. It is a must-try for any coffee lover.

Myth #3: Coffee Is Coffee

Another unfortunately common myth is that coffee is all the same; that quality and taste variation is solely the product of the roasting and preparation process. Not so. Coffee is an intricate and versatile fruit that is, in some ways, comparable to wine. Like wine and the grapes that produce it, every coffee variety has its own unique profile and tasting notes imparted by the environment it’s grown in. However, coffee is further shaped by factors like the roast, variety, and origin, and the process responsible for preparing it. To experience this firsthand, find an artisanal, small-batch, direct trade online coffee roaster and begin a coffee subscription featuring its single-source varieties and blends. There’s no better way to experience the sublime nuances of everything that coffee can be.

Myth #4: Instant Coffee Is Low Quality

Though we’ve all experienced subpar instant coffee before, not all instant coffees are created equal—just like with coffee in general. Find an artisanal, direct trade coffee roaster online, try some of their instant coffee, and see if you don’t notice a difference. To create instant coffee, a best-in-class online coffee roaster will brew their small-batch coffee and then freeze-dry it in an abiotic (oxygen-free) environment at sub-zero temperatures. The result is stable, shelf-ready, concentrated craft instant coffee. With one cup of a first-rate instant coffee, you’ll promptly unlearn the myth that the concepts of “instant coffee” and “delicious, high-quality coffee” are mutually exclusive. Now put this new information to use and get yourself some amazing coffee.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

In 2007, college friends and devotees of all things coffee, Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr, founded Verve Coffee Roasters. They did so to share and promote the extraordinary local and global potential of coffee. The Verve Coffee Roasters team takes the same approach to coffee as they do to life in their home state of California—with conscientiousness, love, and passion. When you visit a Verve Coffee Roasters’ cafe or order coffee online, you are choosing first-rate, small-batch perfection. Verve Coffee Roasters sources their artisanal coffee via direct trade relationships that benefit small farmers and the local economies in countries like El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and beyond. Experience what the next level of sustainable, responsible, and truly sublime coffee can be with a coffee subscription from Verve Coffee Roasters, truly independent coffee roasters.

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