Eating Unicorns...yes we do

Here in Hawaii we are very lucky to have an abundance of free food. Not the government kind, but the go out and get it yourself kind.

We do that on land and in the ocean.

Kala (unicorn fish) is grey to bluish green. They are characterized by their long horn projecting from between the eyes extending out to the front of the mouth. Opelu kala is grey to greenish brown and does not have a horn.

Take these two and grill them up, get those chopstix's and eat away.

Other foods from the reef are Opihi, little shells that cling to rocks just about where the waves crash, makes it interesting to get these. One eye on the Opihi, one eye on the wave that is about to make you part of the rock.

Eat them raw out of the shell or cook them on that grill.

Now for the best fish meatballs you can make and put in your fish head soup, I give you the "Blue Ulua". Another fish found on the reef and is so ONO  (good).

It is all done like this, one breath.................Aloha


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