How Drinking Water Can Help you Lose Weight

Water roughly makes around 60% percent of our body and 70% of the world. It’s listed as one of the most basic needs to survive: food, shelter clothes, and water. So it seems like it is pretty important to living. Drinking enough water may have some positive effects to lose weight as well. 

1. Drink before you eat

A common problem people have is that gain weight from overeating. The more you eat, the more calories you are taken in and it can become excessive. Typically, people stop eating when they feel full. Drinking water before your meals is a great way to counteract this. By drinking water before it is essentially taking space in your stomach that would be used for food. Before you eat, your stomach will now be partially filled before you eat, and make you feel full faster. 

2. Flushes out toxins

When you drink water, it allows your body to flush out any toxins in your body when you urinate. More so, you need water to complete the process of sweating and further release toxins. Water makes your body feel healthier all around and pushes nutrients to the right places in your body. Being hydrated overall makes your digestion easier and not have problems. 

3. Replaces calorie-filled drinks

Everyone knows that water has no calories and it doesn’t affect your calorie intake. On the other hand, drinks with calories are a fast track to consuming more calories than you should on a daily. You are going to be drinking throughout the day, so why not drink water instead of all the calorie-filled drinks. It shouldn’t be a hard switch, but if you are used to drinking something carbonated, start with carbonated water and then work your way towards a life of drinking water.  

4. Water helps your metabolism 

A critical part of losing weight and fat is your metabolism rate, which controls how fast you break down food into energy that you are able to use. By having a faster metabolism, you break down food faster and not have stored up food (extra weight) in your body. Not having enough water or being dehydrated slows down the process of metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and makes you carry unwanted weight.


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