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Classified is a term with different uses according to the context. The concept derives from the verb classify , which also has several meanings: it can refer to organizing something by classes ; to achieve a certain position in a sports competition ; or to make certain information or documentation confidential or secret .

Classifie or classified ad is a message that is published in a newspaper, magazine, or website to offer or request a service or product lik Craigslistt. The publication of classified ads was one of the main businesses of print media until the rise of the Internet .

Newspapers charge, per word or per line, to those who want to run a classified ad. However, these notices can also be posted for free on many websites . The number of readers of newspapers, on the other hand, has declined in recent years, as a result of which classified ads have lost their relevance.

A classified document , meanwhile, presents information that is considered sensitive. Therefore, its dissemination is restricted through laws or regulations. To access classified information, an authorization is required .

It is common for classified documents to be linked to the security of a country. If the content of these files is disseminated, the nation could be in danger, which is why it chooses to classify it (that is, to limit access to it).

Finally, in the field of sport , a classified competitor is one who achieved the results he needed to continue participating in a tournament or to enter it . Let us suppose that the teams that finish in the first three places of a national championship get a place to participate in a continental tournament: the qualifiers, therefore, are the teams that finish in the first, second or third place.

What do classified advertising portals earn?

Since the ads that companies post on these portals are free, the only way for them to be profitable is to display ads from third parties, such as Google.

These classified ad sites are increasingly appearing in better positions in Google results. If you appear on the right page of some of these classified sites, your company or website can appear well positioned indirectly by being within the records that are already in good position.

Free classified ads are a medium available to everyone, do not miss this opportunity to generate more traffic to your website.

The risk of duplicate content:

Much has been said that duplicate content is frowned upon by Google link Craigslist Ft. Smith, so it is logical to think that if the different classified ad sites are indexed, an ad of our business that is present in all of them, and with the same text, could be considered as duplicate content by the search engine.

Although there is no definitive position on this point, it is most likely that if Google detects that there are ten similar ads, it will give priority to the content it considers to be the original, and therefore, the search engine itself will decide which one to show in its results.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that this case cannot be considered as duplicate content, since Google understands this as copying and pasting the same information, without contributing anything new, and a large number of pages (much more than ten). In addition, they claim that search engines would be smart enough to detect the origin and context of these advertisements.

In fact, there are hundreds of portals on the Internet that are dedicated to this and, by having a large amount of content well grouped by topic, search engines tend to give them more relevance in their results, ensuring a greater amount of relevant traffic and possible new conversions.


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