Superdraw and Megadraw: Doubling the fun

Saturday Lotto is a nationwide lottery played in Australia. The Lotto is called TattsLotto in Tasmania, Vitoria, and Northern Territory. Queenslanders know it as Gold Lotto, whereas in Southern Australia, it is called X Lotto. It started in 1972. The first games of the Lotto were European-styled lotteries. The lottery draws every week, and tickets are available online.


Australians began to bet in 1810 with a horse race in Hyde Park. Betting eventually became an essential part of the Settlers' entertainment and culture. From hiring a bookmaker to bet on a horse, the Australian has come to gamble online. Online betting has gained incredible momentum with the rise of the lottery. The significance of the lottery in the Australian culture has evolved with the times. The Victorian Government introduced the Saturday Lotto in 1972. The target initially was to raise funds for the Australian National Health System. Today, the game is not restricted to Australians alone. People from all over the world use online websites to participate in the game. The lotto is a great weekend getaway right at home and a little something to look forward to during the weekends. 


Superdraw and Megadraw:


There are special events called the Superdraw and the Megadraw. The Superdraw is a regular event that occurs six times a year. Five per cent of the weekly draw is held as a reserve and kept as a special fund for the Superdraw. The Superdraw works much like the regular Saturday Lotto


The Saturday Lotto organizes the biggest lottery called the Megadraw once a year in Australia. The rules for Megadraw are the same as the regular lotto game. In a Megadraw, there are usually several winners in the Division 1 category. Christmas or New year is typically the time for a Megadraw. In January 2021, there were 19 winners to the game. 


Tips to Tickle the Gameplay


While it is fun to pick a number by random, smart gameplay can be enjoyable, too. Numbers are not chosen at random as humans subconsciously pick numbers that increase the risk of shared wins. Significant dates or lucky numbers may be a superstition. But studies are suggesting that the least likely number picked in a lottery is 13. Traditionally too, the number 13 is considered unlucky. Scientifically, there is no evidence to suggest that lottery numbers follow any logic. Lottery experts recommend Quickies that uses a computer algorithm called Random Number Generator (RNG). The lottery terminals use the same technology to ensure completely randomized results. 


What are the Odds?:

Lotteries are random, but some have better odds than others. Odds also determine the thrill level of the lottery and determine the emotional investment of the participants. If the odds are very low, they won't be in the participant's favour. The odds of Division 1 in Superdraw are more favourable than that of the other lottos in the same division making it more enjoyable.



A group of friends, family, or even work colleagues pool funds to maximize their chances. A syndicate makes lotto more of an enjoyable and memorable experience. Syndicates take away 20% of all lottery jackpots. A group offers the opportunity to play more numbers and increase the odds.



Playing the game more will help one develop intuition and understanding of the game. Most players claim that they had been buying tickets for the fun of it before they eventually won. The consistency also reduces the stress and monotony of routine life with its refreshing touch. 


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