Why Russian Dating Sites Are So Popular?

Why Western men choose to date girls from the Eastern Europe? What is so special about girls from Russia and Ukraine. And why the Russian Dating Sites are so popular?

Let's sort it out.

Dating Google Trends

First of all let's check the query "Russian Dating" in Google Trends:

As we clearly can see for the past year "russian dating" was an extremely popular search. And the volume is just growing.

Let's see the interest by regions:

As we can see, besides the Russia and Ukraine the top countries are: USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Australia, Scandinavian countries and more.

So, the simple conclusion is that the Western world is looking to date women from the Eastern Europe.

What is Russian Dating?

Russian dating doesn't mean only Russian girls. In fact this term now covers dating women from the Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Also, some dating sites have profiles of Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia girls.

In a broad sense it is basically about all slavic girls including the south countries like: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

However, 90% of girls on Russian Dating websites will be from Russia and Ukraine.

What are the Best Russian Dating Sites?

Due to the high demand there are plenty of the dating sites facilitating dating slavic girls. Although let's check only the top 5 best ones.

  1. GoldenBride. The site provides a full pack of services for those who seek to meet girls from Ukraine or Russia. The agency has developed an advanced communication tools like live and video chat and their own mobile application. Moreover, the member always can order translation services.

  2. DreamSingles. The website is one of the largest Slavic dating sites. It's well secured and in 2015 it won the Best Niche Dating Site in the world by iDate Awards. Above all, they arrange outdoor events and meetins for those who are ready to go on a real date.

  3. TenderBride. Is a quite young however very ambitious Ukrainian dating site. They provide tonns of services incliding HD CAM Chat, advanced verification and scam protection.

  4. VictoriyaClub. It is the Ukrainian and Russian Dating site focused on interractions. Every stage of the website helps the members to interract with each other by chatting, communicating via Web Camera and travel around thej world. The agency helps to arrange your trip from A to Z. They help with booking, accomodation and even schedule a meeting.

  5. CharmDate. This site is the one of the most experienced dating websites. As of 2019 it has 2+ millions visitors a month. They also provide plenty of modern services starting with the communication channels and ending with sending gifts, flowers and more. They are very proud of their intuitive profile search and matching system that helps to speed up the process.

What is So Special About Slavic Girls?

So what is so special about dating girls from the Eastern Europe?

  • Natural Beauty.  Due to the geography girls from Russia and Ukraine combined all the best from the Western and Eastern Europe. Their unusual natural beauty is just fascinating.

  • Family Values. Since most of the families in the Eastern Europe tend to traditional values girls are raised to be good brides, wives, mothes. They care about the family much more than about their personal ambitions.

  • Cuisine. Have you ever tried Russian, Ukrainian or Belarussian cuisine? If you haven't - you definitely should. Food in these countries is absolutely delicious and cuisine traditions are quite strong. Above all, literally every local girl will be able to cook a national meal herself.

  • Travel. Russian dating will help you travel to the beautiful countries in the Eastern Europe. There are beautiful countries with nice traditions and kind people. Have you ever been to Kiev, Odessa, St.Petersburg or Moscow? These cities have their own spirit. And now imagine yourself walking there with the beautiful girlfriend?

If you like any of the above mentioned advantages go ahead and try Russian and Ukrainian dating


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