My English Class Final Exam

                                                       My Advantages

        We have to take advantage of things while we still have it. If we don’t take full advantage of what we have now then later on in life we may regret it. In” Outliers: Chapter 1”, Gladwell, talks about how some people have more opportunities than others, saying, “Initial disadvantages is the difference between going to college- and having a real shot  at the middle class- and not” (29). If we have the opportunities then why not take it? Let’s say that we don’t take the opportunity now but then later when we want that same opportunity again, it won’t be there. The opportunities won’t just sit there and wait for you, they will disappear. That’s why we have to grab any opportunity that’s handed to us right away because we never know if we will get that opportunity again.

         I’m going to take advantage of college. I’m going to work and study hard so I can succeed in my career. Going to college is a big opportunity for me because I know that some people can’t attend because of the lack of money. I have so many resources in college that I could use like for example tutoring, clubs, being able to study my profession etc. Resources that I will use are financial aid and a program called College Connect. I will take full advantage of these things while I have access to them. I will take advantage of these resources by signing up for them and making sure I qualify. The College Connect program is only offered at Citrus College not in any other college so I have to grab the opportunity that’s being handed to me.

       Another advantage is the DSP&S office because it has a computer lab where only students in the program are allowed. In the computer lab they don’t charge you to print, which is a huge advantage because in the library they charge you if you want to use the printer. I’m going to take advantage of that by going to the DSP&S office when I need to print so I don’t get charged. It’s good that Citrus College has a lot of advantages. We need to learn how to use the resources that are right in front of us instead of not using them. If we don’t use the resources then we won’t know if we will have the same opportunity again.

        An advantage I think I could use more often is tutoring. I’m going to start going to tutoring whenever I need help with my homework. I think that tutoring is a good resource to use. In “Outliers :Chapter 8” ,Gladwell, mentions how Renee kept working on the computer trying to see if it would draw a line saying, “She ‘s trying to figure out what numbers to enter in order to get the computer to draw a line that is absolutely vertical” ( 240). I like the quote because it explains how she didn’t give up, she kept trying and trying. That’s how we need to be, we can’t give up. We have to strive for our dreams. In order to reach our goals we have to study very hard no matter how hard it gets. College may get hard but we have to move forward.

      I’m going to try to get connected with students in my field by taking classes that are related to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. This will help me because I will be able to talk to people who have the same interest as me. A good habit that I see successful people doing is not giving up and working hard. This habit I have to work on more, because when I see something getting hard I give up instead of sticking to it.



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