Social Media Strategies For Businesses During COVID-19


The Covid-19 outbreak has made adverse impacts on businesses and has significantly slowed down physical operations. Organizations are looking to find areas where they can cut costs or limit product supplies. To combat financial and operational crises, social media marketing services(SMM) are opening doors for businesses to attract and garner potential customers. It offers an effective and inexpensive way to drive traffic to your online store or website. SMM also provides an opportunity to build personalized and lasting relationships with customers from a safe distance.   Below we’ve listed four social media strategies that you should adopt during this pandemic.   Also Read: How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Social Media Marketing Sevices

  • Create brand awareness

Web traffic has increased significantly over the past few months. With an increase in impressions and shifts in competition, it is a good opportunity to capture more reach from your social media ad campaigns.  It is the best time to launch new ad campaigns because users are actively searching for content to consume. The ad content should revolve around the features of your product or service. It should communicate what your goods offer and how they will benefit the buyers.  Keep your audience engaged with the latest news about your business. Tell consumers how they can help you during these times with business activities like:
  1. Shop online during a promotional sale
  2. Purchasing gift cards
  3. Posting positive reviews online 
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  •  Find new leads and build your email list with Facebook

If you’re a service-based, online, and/or a local business that uses email marketing for customer engagement, this is a good time to use social media marketing services to shift your focus to generating new leads instead of promoting sales. With Facebook lead ad campaign, you can:
  1. Pique curiosity with content
  2. Increase leads and signups for email campaigns
  3. Create an audience to remarket to at a later date
Points to note:
  1. When designing your lead generation form, don’t ask too many questions. Consumers tend to opt-out if a lot of information is asked. The general rule is to just ask for their name and email address. 
  2. Integrate the lead form with your CRM provider and set up a welcome mail. This will ensure that you immediately follow-up with subscribers with the content related to the ad campaign.
  • Remarketing Campaigns

With a surge in social media activities, now is a good time to remarket to previous website visitors. You can get them to revisit by offering incentives like free shipping and exclusive discount codes.  In addition to previous visitors, you can also drive potential leads and sales by testing customer engagement. It enables you to target users who have engaged with your content on social media. It includes remarketing to those who have liked, commented on, shared, or interacted with your social media business page. 
  • Test new Ads

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to test a new ad, you should do it now. You can test out new ads on a variety of audiences, and gather the information that will make your future campaigns more creative.  When testing new audiences, create a new ad set instead of updating an existing one. It will enable you to better understand the true impact on the new viewers. Always test the new ad against an already high-performing ad. It saves time by comparing the results directly to an ad that is performing well for your business.  Few things that you can try testing:
  1. Audience targeting
  2. Ad copies, including headlines and call-to-actions
  3. Landing pages- copy, design, and messaging
  • Conclusion 

The social restrictions of the pandemic have brought significant changes to the ways consumers interact on social media. They seek more creativity, connection, and engaging content.  Businesses should respond more actively to the new needs of their target audience. Produce diverse, inspiring, and interactive content that drives creativity and weaves a sense of community. If you need assistance with customer-engaging content you can contact us. We provide complete Social Media Management Services, our digital marketing experts will assist you in interacting with potential customers and converting them into paying customers.


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