Is Negative SEO legally permissible?

The answer to the question of whether Negative SEO is legally permissible is to be answered unambiguously throughout the DACH area and it reads: No

The reasoning is logical. Negative SEO aims to directly harm the competitor being attacked. In Germany, this invention results in a number of violations of the Civil Code, the Civil Code, and the UWG, the law against unfair competition. As soon as slander, libel, and other false factual claims are added, the prosecutor is potentially on board. Because than criminal law is affected.

That's all pretty clear. The problem with this is that Negative SEO must be proven in order to derive any legal consequence. As a rule, the attacks are less concrete than a direct hack or slander on social media. These cases can be determined comparatively well.

But fixing a black-hatter who has built a bad link neighborhood for your website is far more difficult. This is not only because such attacks are usually not directly controlled by a competitor directly, but are handled by any, usually foreign skilled workers.

The construction of links as the fundamental foundation of the web is not inadmissible and nobody has to show an approval that he or she may link a certain website under certain keywords. Conversely, there is no claim to be linked to his website by someone else or just not being linked.

Another factor is that this form of negative SEO affects only indirectly on the attacked. The dirty work ultimately Google, if they respond to the wrong signals set and devalue the attacked page therefore in the ranking. That's what the attacker intended, but he does not do it himself.

As a result, it will be difficult for you as the attacker to proceed through the legal track against such machinations. At least it will take much too long. More promising than turning on a lawyer, it is usually to quickly detect the warning signals described here and initiate the aforementioned countermeasures. To be right and to be right are, as always, two different pairs of shoes. To fix all negative SEO affects you can hire an SEO Consultant for your business. It will be helpful for promoting business online. 

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