The Importance of International Relations in the Context of History

The international relations have become more important in today’s world. This is because sectors which were not regarded as international sectors, such as business, tourism, agriculture and sports have joined politics and military as international issues. International relations have been involved with several activities of great importance to the world’s stability, such as conflict resolutions, restoration of peace, diversifying world’s power and improvement in the world economy and assured security through control of nuclear weapons. The importance of international relations is clearly shown by past events. Based on historical events describes in the affordable paper studies, international relations is an important activity in building relationship between nations because it led to the stabilization of the east-west relations, contributed to the end of World War II, led to diversification in the world politics, led to tight security measures as a result of increased control of nuclear weapons and assisted in the transformation of the world economy.

From 1945 to 1989 the relationship between Eastern and Western blocs was characterized by high level tension and competition among nations particularly between United States of America and the Soviet Union. However, during this period, none of the countries involved participated in direct military conflict. In 1960, both countries initiated moves in order to improve their relationship. In 1970s the two countries engaged in negotiations that led them to an agreement not to use the military in solving this crisis . In addition to the end of the Cold War, several other treaties were signed in Europe. An example of such a treaty is the treaty signed by Federal Republic of Germany and the Soviet Union. International relations have also led to an improved US-China relationship. Therefore, international relation is an important mean to resolve conflict among different countries.

Another historic importance of the international relations is that they assisted to bring an end to the World War II. War is the most useful tool in improving relations between countries . In addition to restoring peace in the world after the war, several mechanisms were adapted through negotiations to ensure that there would never be a repeat of that war. Bodies such as the United Nations were mandated with mediating between warring nations. Other regional wars have also been resolved through international relations. An example of a regional war that was resolved through the use of international relations is the attack on China by Japan in 1931. Having contributed to peace building between warring countries in the past, international relations remain a significant mean of bringing peace in war-prone countries.

Thirdly, international relations led to diversification of the world power. After the cold war, many countries became independent from the two superpowers . Their independence is associated to the growth of some Asian countries, such as Japan, and those of Western Europe, the end of colonial rule and the increasing urge by the Eastern countries to improve their countries on their own1. As a result, a repeat of the Cold War was impossible. Therefore, international relations have led to diversification of power in the world thereby leading to good governance. .

In case many countries possessed nuclear weapon, the international relations would not be observed and in the process it can threaten the stability of world peace1. To avoid this, there was an increase in the awareness of the importance to control nuclear weapons. International relations assisted in the disarmament of nuclear weapons. As a result of this exercise the security of each and every one living in this world has been guaranteed. Additionally, the control of nuclear weapons has helped to reduce tension between Eastern and Western countries.

Lastly, the international relations improved the world economy after the World War II. Measures taken by various countries such as the adoption of an economic policy by the USA in 1971 and the increase in the crude oil prices in 1973 almost halted the world economy. Through international relations, normalcy in the world economy was restored. The growth in the world economy being enjoyed today is the result of past actions of international relations. Without the international relations, the world economy could have crashed resulting in devastating events such as widening economic gap between many countries.

In conclusion, the international relations are very important for the existence of humankind in this world . This is because many benefits of the international relations are observed to have assisted to solve problems in the past, some of which if were unsolved could have resulted in human extinction. Examples of some of these events include the tension between the western and the eastern countries during the Cold War and use of dangerous weapons. Further, international relations contribute to peace building and resolution of conflicts among warring countries as observed during the World War II and during the Cold War. In addition to peace building, international relations also diversify power in the world and in the process lead to the internal development of a country as observed after the Cold War. Lastly, the international relations are important in improving the world economy as well as that of a region.


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