Freelance Work May Save You from the Recession

SAN DIEGO - December. 01, 2020 - PRLog -- Sailing a yacht along the Mexican Rivera and throughout the islands of French Polynesia or driving an RV throughout the USA, Canada and Alaska aren't the first things that come to mind, when you think about being a freelance worker, yet these were the stepping stones that Michael and Melissa Harlow used before the pandemic hit.

"We were making six-figure incomes before the recession of 2008," says Michael Harlow. "We decided we needed to scale down our expenses dramatically in order to live a happier and more stable life." They sold their five-bedroom house and moved into a smaller rental. Then they sold off all of their "stuff". "It's amazing how many things you accumulate that really don't make you happier," says Michael's wife, Melissa.

After scrimping and saving for a few years, they purchased a boat and set off.

Returning from their 11,000 nautical mile voyage, they sold the boat and purchased an RV, and traveled around North America for a year. Living "off-grid" during their sailing and RVing lifestyle, they loved the solitude and developed a plan that would allow them to work, when they wanted, where they wanted. Enter the freelance lifestyle.

Melissa wrote a business plan to become a professional voice-over actress with zero experience. First, she hired a coach and then worked on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Within months she was making enough money to sustain their carefree lifestyle. Her entire story on how she started is in her blog

They also rent their RV via website platforms and when the pandemic hit, everyone wanted to be outside and business boomed. Not only are they both doing very well financially, but they can be socially distant and take off and travel when their RV is not being rented.

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