Unconscious Communication Signals For Swingers


Realization of feminine U. C. S. for swinging gentlemen.

Whether a male is single or part of a swinger couple, he will need to recognise feminine U. C. T. in swinger lifestyle encounters with single females as well as swinger couples.

A very important consideration to realise right from the start is that it is definitely "clusters" of U. C. S. that we need to look for. Isolated occurrences of U. C. S. do not necessary have any meaning in themselves. So the rule here is to help patiently observe the signals and only be attach significance for many years when they are being transmitted as part of a pattern of perceptions. Watching out for these clusters of U. C. S i9000. is probably the most important observation to make during the early stages of a first-time swinger date or when making new contacts at a fabswingers party etc . 

Eye contact

The U. C. Nasiums. that everyone is familiar with is eye contact. A constant deficit of eye contact is strong evidence that a woman simply interested in a man but it would be unusual for any woman to help keep eye contact for the full duration of a conversation for that reason remember to disregard the isolated incidences either way. Probably the most conclusive warning sign that a woman is uninterested in a man is when your woman refuses to return eye contact whenever he looks their in the eye. When this continues to happen, its perhaps time to draw the meeting to an to end.

On the other hand, the proper eye contact a woman gives and the longer the call lingers, the more certain it becomes that swinging with her is a real possibility. Another strong indication is when she appearances away with the flicker of an eyelash. Perhaps the ultimate attention contact signal is dilated pupils, If they are dilated, the chances are she is very interested and already becoming aroused by the prospect of having sex. Remember that all of these eye communicate with signals apply in situations where the woman is part of a new swinger-couple as well as when meeting single females on their own.

The very U. C. S. of lip and mouth gestures

A woman's lips and mouth are used to send Oughout. C. S. to indicate sexual intention and desire. A male needs to look out for signs like lip licking and tongue movements. But once again, it is a cluster of signals not an isolated incident that signifies the encounter has got reached an appropriate time to attempt a move the next cycle.

Hair flicking - another U. C. S.

Most women flick hair as another example of U. C. S. Here again, care needs to be taken when observing the approve. A one-off flick may be the consequence of an itch. It happens to be repetitious flicking that counts. When this occurs in your swinger-lifestyle situation, it is almost always a overtly flirtatious gesture together with a very strong indication of sexual attraction.

Manoeuvering shoes in addition to feet

Men need to be on the outlook for dangling plus manoeuvering of shoes. This is another potent, feminine U. T. S. During any kind of swinging-lifestyle encounter, women using this manoeuvre are signalling to the man that they feel at ease with your ex. But they are also likely to be indicating more than this. Sometimes the manoeuvre itself goes further too, resulting in the partial or simply complete removal of a shoe. When this is the case the woman with probably signalling her desire to strip for the man. When ever this occurs on a date or at a swinger occasion, the man on the receiving end of the signal should respond instantly by moving straight to the physical contact stage.

Stroking of objects

A common feminine U. C. S. when feelings of sexual attraction grow, is the use of excellent objects such as wine glasses to convey desire. Sensual stroking of the stem of the glass is probably the most usual model at parties, dinner dates, or other meetings which is where drinks are part and parcel of the event. But all sorts of other handy objects can be used in this way, so it is at all times worth being on the lookout for this signal.

Male U. H. S.

Generally, males give fewer unconscious communication information than females, although some U. C. S. is common that will both sexes. Eye contact is probably the most evenly embraced one. When a man makes direct and prolonged eyesight contact with a woman he is likely to be indicating his attraction to her. In swinger-lifestyle situations, such as a date or when mingling at a sex party, a man who continuously avoids vision contact is most probably feeling uncomfortable or nervous. Sadly ,, men who fail to address this issue are unlikely to always be considered good swing partners by swinger females or simply couples.

A man's stance

Men can indicate most of their true feelings towards women by their stance. Embracing an open posture with shoulders back and head up will indicate interest and self assurance. The stance at the same time suggests dominance and strength and these are the masculine factors that most women on the swinger scene find most gorgeous.

Another aspect of male posture is its direction. Anyone who is seated with his upper body pointing towards the female can be sending a signal of being attracted to her. Conversely, the man who seem to constantly keeps turning away or pointing his hand, legs or face away from the woman, is sending out a sign of disinterest or discomfort. Even if he is interested and only uncomfortable, the conclusion that will be drawn is that he wouldn't get much fun as a swinger playmate.


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