Learning with Virtual Reality

Who are Next World Enterprises?

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Next World Enterprises specialise in VR training software and learning with virtual reality, revolutionising the way in which companies deliver practical training to employees.

At the start of 2020, the company were named a QODE Start Up/Scale Up top five finalist, whilst also then later going on to be named one of thirteen winners of the QLD Ignite Ideas Fund from Advance Queensland - that being from out of over 500 entries. Since then, and despite the effects of the global pandemic, the company has continued to scale, and now has an internal team with over 13 members.

Founder Michael O’Reilly, who has worked across the globe in places such as Indonesia and Algeria in construction, is passionate about driving businesses forward through cutting edge methods and technology. The team behind Next World Enterprises are young, dynamic, and always looking to expand their product.

The company has a range of off-the-shelf training content that can be used, whilst it is also possible for them to create Make Your Own (MYO) VR inductions.

What is VR training software?

Learning with virtual reality allows companies to train their staff virtually, massively reducing the risk of injury – but also being an incredibly cost-efficient method in which to do so.

A few years ago, virtual reality software seemed nothing more than something that would be integrated into video games – but times have changed. Now, using state-of-the-art technology, Next World Enterprises are able to train staff without them ever being on site, saving potential major accidents whilst also drastically boosting companies’ return on investments into staff education.

Why is VR training software important?

Aside from it being a far safer way of training staff in safety, there a number of other tangible benefits to working with companies such as Next World Enterprises.

Learning with VR drastically reduces travel costs with staff being able to learn in-house. It has environmental benefits, both in terms of the reduced travel, but also in a sense of there being no wasted resources used in training as everything is virtual.

Employee retention and engagement has been shown to have increased through virtual reality learning. It shows an investment into their skills and qualities, making them keen to return the favour through their work.

You can also use>Who uses learning with virtual reality?

Since its inception, an increasing number of major corporations have seen the endless benefits of such technology and, as a result, have chosen to invest into the software. Current companies that are currently investing into the software include AirFrance, DHL, Shell, Glaxoklinesmith, BP and Accenture, among thousands of others.

Learning with virtual reality is certainly the future for a safer, more cost-efficient way of training staff.

How can I learn more about New World Enterprises?

More information about the company – as well as general information about VR training software – can be found on their website, www.nextworldenterprises.com.



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