Pigmentation Damage That Can Be Treated

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Do you watch the signs of aging anxiously? Frown lines and lines around the mouth are not the only indicators you should be concerned about. As the years go by, the evenly youthful look begins to fade, and beautiful skin is cast in the dark by time. Gradually, dark spots and areas appear, and skin color begins to change.

Pigmentation: When you get more than you need

Did you know that pigmentation is evidence that your skin is working hard to protect you? Think about this carefully. Sun exposure is the most common cause of skin pigmentation and it can affect the face, neck, hands just like all areas exposed to the sun. What happens below the surface of the skin is the following:

When the sun hits your skin, despite vitamin D and its benefits that benefit the skin, there is a share of an annoying dose of ultraviolet rays. And because your skin cells are smart, they sense the danger (such as skin cancers and others), and respond by producing the pigment melanin in excessive quantities, which plays a wonderful role in protecting the skin, but it appears in the form of darkening and darkening of the skin.

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Skin comes in a variety of colors and patterns. So are pigmentations.

If you think that you will neglect pigmentation and live in error, think again! "If you do not deal with it properly, the dark areas and spots will worsen on your skin, causing you discomfort in the form of itching, redness, and a change in color and size," Dr. Alpha says.

In addition to exposure to sunlight, pigmentation causes also include hormonal influences and genetic factors. While the reasons vary, the results are not pretty and lead to a decrease in your self-confidence. In order to treat hyperpigmentation effectively, it is important to identify the causes and determine the type of problem.

Solar freckles

Also known as sun spots, age spots or liver spots, this type of hyperpigmentation is associated with excessive exposure to sunlight and aging of the skin. Common over the age of 40, solar freckles appear when the skin loses its ability to repair itself from UV damage. These dark spots and areas range from light brown to black and appear on areas most exposed to sunlight.


Melasma is most common among pregnant women and those who use oral contraceptives or hormonal replacement therapies. When female hormones like estrogen and progesterone are overactive, they affect melanin production the moment sunlight hits your skin. This increased melanin production causes discolored spots and areas on the forehead, nose, cheeks and lips.


Often a hereditary condition, freckles usually appear on lighter skin as melanin forms small clusters under the skin when exposed to sunlight. With repeated exposure to sunlight, these clusters darken, leading to a speckled appearance on the nose and cheeks.

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Beat stains and dark areas

Defense is the best way to fight. Says Dr. Alpha "Since exposure to sunlight is the most common cause of pigmentation, the best way to start the fight is to use the correct sunscreen."

Therefore, we recommend using protective creams with a protection degree of at least SPF 30, as they protect against UV rays. Always remember that the rays of the sun in our summer are very harsh. Therefore, it means a lot to your skin by adding an extra layer of protection. Also, be careful not to go out without sunglasses, a hat or a scarf.

Dr. Alpha supports the use of products containing Vitamin E, which protect and repair skin cells. Hydroquinone, which reduces melanin production and reduces skin discoloration; And nicotinamide, which evens out skin tone. Does it sound a little complicated to you? Don't worry, your skin can handle it.

Focused treatments for pigmented skin

There is no reason why you should cope with pigmentation and uneven complexion, especially when you can get out of the shades of this obsession into a beautiful, radiant complexion.

Our team at Kaya Skin Clinic believes that everyone can own flawless skin, and because our doctors have a deep understanding of the skin and melanin production, they have designed a unique line of treatment that combines laser technology with advanced peeling formulas to combat pigmentation, accompanied by specially designed treatment plans. To the needs of your skin.

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Pigmentation is now in the past with Kaya Pigmentation Treatment, it is a highly effective treatment that enables your skin to feel the difference at first glance. Kaya pigmentation treatment addresses the root of the problem, reduces spots and dark areas, and your doctor can recommend the use of our advanced formulas to help you maintain the results of the treatment for a longer period.

Go back in time to pre-pigmentation and restore smooth, uniform complexion with Kaya's lightening miracles. This fractional laser-based treatment deeply penetrates the epidermal layers to break down residual melanin. In collaboration with the peels after care products, this treatment reaches as deep as no other treatment before. If you want to challenge the sun's rays with flawless complexion, cement your relationship with sunblock and see our dermatologist today. Although hyperpigmentation is harmless, why not go out of shadows into highlights? Lots of bright days await!



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