# National Day of Space Flight

It’s Friday! Work is coming to a close again but wait what is that in the air, let’s take a look shall we! *grabs telescope* Eureka!!! We found it!! It’s International Day of Human Space Flight, what better way for me to spend my birthday than to look into space where I probably will never go and see my dreams of being an astronaut come to a bitter end. It’s okay though because I can help celebrate all of those who have come before me and made the giant leap of faith into space. Yes I remember it as clear as my 4k monitor in front of me, in 1961 Alan Shepard was the first man in space, while in 1962 John Glenn made history orbiting the world for the very first time in history, nevertheless in 1969 we were able to take flight and land on the moon and Neil Armstrong was the first human to step foot on the moon’s surface. The amount space travel from 1969 to now 2019 is undoubtedly a huge accomplishment in human history. We send our space stations and have humans live in them for years doing research while we send robots to other planets searching for any signs of life or possibilities to travel and start anew. It is also a marvel that we as humans have such attachment to these robots we send out to in this case Mars, where people cry because it has lived out its life and cannot come back to “life”. We have come so far in space travel to even believe that one day we will be able to get off planet Earth and build a new future for all other generations. Like the famous Buzz Lightyear says, “To Infinity and Beyond!”  


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