5 Factors That Make Small-Batch Artisanal Coffee So Versatile

The third wave of coffee is a movement committed to education on the subject and equitable relationships with coffee growers. It is also dedicated to highlighting and sharing the artisanal versatility of great coffee. For coffee lovers, experiencing that enrichment of the industry is best accomplished by finding the online coffee roasters epitomizing and promoting those values. Here are five factors that make small-batch artisanal coffee so versatile—and how you can experience it.

Where the Coffee Is Grown

Not unlike the grapes that become fine wine, the region and even the soil coffee is grown in will contribute specific taste notes and profiles to the coffee. For instance, volcanic soil confers a subtle, pleasant spiced characteristic to coffee grown in it. Basically, coffee is as unique and distinctive as the soil it thrives in.

The Variety of Coffee Grown

Both as the result of natural diversity and human intervention, there are dozens of coffee varieties, cultivars, and hybrids. Every one of those boasts a unique tasting profile. Even within the most common coffee species, Arabica, there are dozens of distinct varieties.

The Climate Coffee Is Grown In

One of the reasons it’s so important for coffee lovers to order coffee online from conscientious third wave coffee roasters is their commitment to combating climate change. Coffee quality is dependent on complex sugars that only form when exposed to warm days and cold nights. Unfortunately, climate change is pushing coffee growers into ever-higher altitudes to find the conditions necessary for high-quality coffee. Given this, it’s imperative to support online coffee roasters with a focus on environmental stewardship.

How the Coffee Is Processed

Around the world, coffee is prepared and processed in a number of ways, each of which can influence tasting notes. That preparation includes processing methods like washed processing, natural processing, and honey processing. If you’re a fan of incredible coffee, get a coffee subscription from an online coffee roaster that offers coffee varieties reflecting that diversity of preparation processes.

The Way the Coffee Is Roasted

A coffee variety’s roast is among the taste-determining factors people are most familiar with. In general, lighter roasts are known for effectively drawing out and accentuating a coffee variety’s taste profile. The darker a roast, the higher the probability that those unique taste notes will be roasted out of the coffee. That’s why coffee connoisseurs and some of the best online coffee roasters often prefer lighter roasts to darker ones. Fear not, contrary to the widely held misconception, darker roasts don’t make for stronger coffee. The opposite is often the case.

How to Find Exceptional Coffee

For truly exceptional coffee and coffee variety, you want to order coffee online from a third wave coffee roaster. Find a roaster that sources their coffee via direct trade relationships with coffee farmers around the world. Be sure that the coffee roaster you choose carries both single origin varieties and blends. However, there is one risk in doing so—once you experience everything coffee can be, there’s no going back to a mediocre cup.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

In 2007, college friends and devotees of all things coffee, Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr, founded Verve Coffee Roasters. They did so to share and promote the extraordinary local and global potential of coffee. The Verve Coffee Roasters team takes the same approach to coffee as they do to life in their home state of California—with conscientiousness, love, and passion. When you visit a Verve Coffee Roasters’ cafe or order coffee online, you are choosing first-rate, small-batch perfection. Verve Coffee Roasters sources their artisanal coffee via direct trade relationships that benefit small farmers and the local economies in countries like El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and beyond. Experience what the next level of sustainable, responsible, and truly sublime coffee can be with a coffee subscription from Verve Coffee Roasters, truly independent coffee roasters.

Experience everything exceptional coffee can be with Verve Coffee Roasters at https://www.vervecoffee.com/

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