How much does it typically cost to hire movers?

Are you planning on moving? Are you interested in fee for moving services? If the answer to these questions is yes, then, this article is what you need!

Pricing for movers’ services

At an average, a small move (within a town or two neighboring cities) performed by a professional moving company costs at least $300. The price may rise up to $1,000-1,500 in dependence to the amount and sizes of your belongings. A price for a big move (within a state) varies from $2,200 to almost $5,000. There again, expenses depend a lot on the moving distance and the amount and sizes of your belongings. Moving across the country will be even more expensive. 

All the mentioned prices are average and do not involve the real distance and/or the count of bedrooms. Therefore, we have put this information in the table below so that you can calculate a possible price by estimate yourself. 

The number of bedrooms

1 sleeping room

2-3 sleeping rooms

4-5 sleeping rooms


80 km or less

$300 to $700

$720 to $1,500

$1,000 to $5,700

200-400 km

$750 to $2,000

$1,200 to $4,000

$2,000 to $5,800

1500 km and up

$900 to $2,800

$2,000 to $7,700

$5,000 to $8,000

4000 km and up

$1,200 to $3,500

$3,100 to $8,000

$8,000 and up

Remember that we are discussing prices for services of a separate independent group of moving workers. 

Fee for moving companies’ services

In case you want to hire a moving company instead of a separate group of movers, you should be ready for their services to be paid on an hourly basis or estimated by the final weight of your belongings. 

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Local companies usually charge from $50 to $250 an hour for moves within a town. The rate may vary in dependence to the number of workers. Thus, 2 workers are required for finishing the job in a 1-bedroom apartment, and up to 5 movers are needed in case of 2-3 slipping rooms. In case of the former, moving takes about 3 hours, and in the latter case, it may continue up to 10 hours. Accordingly, the price will be from $150 to $2,000 in the aggregate. 

Inter-city moves are usually charged by the final weight of the belongings. The minimum price is $600, and it can rise up to 10 thousand dollars. Again, the distance is quite important for calculating the expenses. Most commonly, moving companies give you a free estimate of their services.


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