Aloha, our sustainable living project is evolving. What started out as a place to call home has turned into a life style event that we are sharing with people from all over the world. Everyday brings new people and new ideas on how to live off the land & ocean that surrounds us. For a bonus, it helps to have the best weather on the planet. Picture 1403.JPG                            

The cow problem (solved) was temporary, we killed two, three more took their place. Our freezer is full, so we will wait it out. A word about the taste of our beef, unlike commercial meat, our wild cows have no artificial anything (except the lead bullet in their head). What a flavor we have been enjoying. Locals claim we still have a few thousand wild above our farm, that’s a good thing I guess. So with cows, goats, pigs, fish, our stock pile of meat is kind of endless. A plant base diet is our first choise.

With all the vegetables and fruit we have, we venture into some pleasure. We are having a good crop of Cacao this year and will attempt to make some chocolate. Add some of our honey from the coffee trees; we should be well rounded in our sustainability. We also have found that we have a great supply of bread fruit (ulu), makes good ice cream and most important, easy, gluten free flour. We can’t live with out bread and noodles.

With all the crazy things going on in the world, it seems we have positioned our life for any thing that comes our way. There is so much more to the system, solar power, solar water heaters, rain catchments, and a methane gas system from all those cow droppings.

Remember, this is a full time operation. To collect a weeks worth of bananas, avocados, a few oranges, lemons & wild raspberries took two hours of hiking, climbing and hauling. My Cardiologist loves what we do.



 Any thoughts on what if your grocery store has nothing, electricity is shut off, no water to flush a toilet? We are having fun playing with  this all, anyway. Aloha.

 Roy & Joy

 Honaunau, Hi.

 FBI…..from big island

  PS.............We still produce the best coffee anywhere

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