Healthy Recipes to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

This is just a quick list of the different recipes that are good for you and will still be easy to make:

  • Chicken salad with mayo
  • Beef stirs fry meal prep containers
  • One-pot pasta dishes like spaghetti or macaroni and cheese. Simply add vegetables!
  • Salad wraps such as chicken Caesar or turkey and cranberry
  • Mexican dishes like tacos or fajitas with black beans
  • Pasta salads such as Greek pasta salad, Mediterranean pasta salad, or Caprese Pasta Salad. These can be made up ahead of time for a quick lunch throughout the week!

The options are endless when it comes to healthy recipes that are still quick to make!


Chicken salad with mayo: There are so many different variations of chicken salads, but it is typically a combination of chopped or shredded chicken mixed in with vegetables and your favorite dressing. The key to this recipe is that the preparation time for cooking the meat will be quick because you have already cooked it before! Make up a big batch on Sunday and throw it into your lunch salads throughout the week.


Cucumber and tomato salad: Another quick recipe for a side dish are cucumbers or tomatoes chopped up with some salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar and whatever herbs you like, such as parsley or basil! Add in any other vegetables you want to use, such as carrots, red peppers, or broccoli. You can make a big batch and put it in the refrigerator to eat throughout the week if you want!


Fruit salad: This is another easy side dish that will take up some of your time when you are prepping dinner. Get all your favourite fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, watermelon etc., chop them up and put them in a bowl with some yoghurt. You can also add any other fruit you want to make this salad your own!


It is easy to find dishes you will want to make over and over again. Everything from quick recipes to get food on the table right away to healthy food recipes which might take a bit more time to prepare is available for you. From simple sides like cucumber or tomato salad, fruit salads, sandwiches with lettuce wraps and even tasty desserts such as grilled peach cobbler, you can find the dinner ideas which will meet your needs. Browse more recipes ideas (تصفح وصفات)!


In order to be able to cook healthy food and still get a full night of sleep, it is important that you have some quick recipes up your sleeve as well! These include shrimp stir fry with rice noodles or even fish tacos. The best thing about these quick recipes is that you are able to buy the ingredients ahead of time, so they will be ready when needed.


We all have busy lives, but that doesn't mean we can't be healthy. In fact, it may even be easier to fit in a nutritious meal or snack if you know how to plan ahead and make the most of your time. That's why today I'm sharing my favourite recipe ideas for when life gets hectic - they're delicious, easy-to-make at home with ingredients from your pantry, and will help keep you going strong until dinner!



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